This is the normalization of Shandong Shandong, is the normalization of the certificate, 90% of the registration matters completed

This is the normalization of Shandong Shandong, is the normalization of the certificate, 90% of the registration matters completed

Original title: Shandong delivery is normalized, 90% of registration matters, completing the real estate registration, involving thousands of households, high concerns.

Reporter today (September 30) learned from the press conference held by Shandong Provincial Government Information Office that the current Shandong Provincial "Take the Office" to achieve normalization, "Take a certificate" certificate project and number of households ranked first in the country.

The real estate registration process is greatly streamlined, and 90% of the registration matters are completed, 30% of the registration matters are completed within 1 hour.

"Shandong Province will advance the project construction project approval system reform and real estate registration process, the departmental administrative license, the approval of the compliance with the cooperation, carry out process reconstruction, right premium, data sharing, online application, play the ‘one network" platform and online The advantages of nuclear tax payment technologies are subject to real estate projects that meet the statutory conditions, and they will be registered in real estate.

"The Provincial Natural Resources Department first-level inspector Song Shoujun introduced that the province’s counties have established a" payment of the delivery "mechanism, 2126 projects realize the" 348 real estate projects to achieve "payment of the house", Hui and the masses of the people, the number of certificates, the number of households ranked first. At present, Shandong Province focuses on the real estate development project of the completion of the comprehensive acceptance, legal exchange, and implements "paying the house to be licensed" service. Buying a house handling new commercial housing has two The way. First, the network sign has applied for real estate notice registration, and then "pre-regulating the current" registration will be obtained when they pay the house. Second, the development of the company will first fill in "real estate registration" Selling information for the application;

There are also two ways to apply for real estate registration, tax payment, and receive certificates in the delivery house; also use real estate registration "one network to do" platform, and apply for real estate registration, and pay the certificate after online payment. Shandong Province has focused on "Special Action Special Action" in Real Estate, and the "Comprehensive Acceptance" window in the real estate registration hall is set, and the registration process is extremely simplified. At present, 90% of the provinces completed 3 working days, 50% of the registration matters were completed, and 30% of the registration matters were completed within 1 hour. The registration link is reduced to 2, and the registration material is reduced to 2-4.

Last year, Shandong Province launched the province’s real estate registration "one network through" platform.

This year, Shandong Province continues to expand platform functions, homesteads, forest land, new commercial housing "Transfer + Mortgage" and other 34 types of business types will be on line. The type of business will reach 84 categories after the online, covering the type of land, house, sea area, and forestry registration. Applicants can use the logistics information inquiry, registration application, online payment, and receive the real estate electronic certificate online. Up to now, online handling has reached 10,000 parts, and the electronic license license issued 17.93 million copies.

In addition, Shandong Province is registered with the real estate, there is no paper, and does not see you.

It is expected that in October, the provincial real estate registration platform will use the province’s unified living identification, electronic signature technology, support online authentication, real meaning, online signing, department sharing information confirmation, online commitment, and gradually launch personal high-frequency real estate registration business " Full Network Office, realize the "cross-provincial" "provincial office".

In the application of living body identification, electronic signature technology, the applicant can complete the identity experience in the real estate registration hall, with the identification equipment, and the invigilator is witnessed by the window staff. Online application and information upload, realize "provinces".

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Shizuishan Power Supply Company: Night Tour Temperature Guardian Substation "Heart" 

Shizuishan Power Supply Company: Night Tour Temperature Guardian Substation "Heart" 

People’s Net Shizuishan on August 10 Recently, in the 220 kV substation of Hui Nong, China Net Shizi Mountain Power Supply Company Substation Operation and Terminal Handheld Infrared Instrument, carefully for the temperature measurement "medical examination" for all kinds of electrical transformation equipment, For the grid "put the diagnosis" to ensure the safety of the peak hours of summer load. Since sustained high temperature, Shizuishan City has ushered in a new round of electricity peak, and the transformers in the sub-power station are high temperature, high-load environment, frequent oil temperature high alarm information. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the substrate, the center has early action, careful arrangement, for the distribution of load distribution in the jurisdiction, using the high-load gold timing of the night high-load, concentrate on all transformers in the transformer in the transformer, etc. Work.

"After 9:00 pm, it will be the peak of this urban industrial electricity load. Our inspector will be able to move." Wang Yuxi, the transitional transportation unit of China Shiyi Mountain Power Supply Company, Wang Yuxi, according to its own work experience, "Different days, It is easier to capture the temperature of the device at night, and do real-time monitoring of the fever conditions of the device.

Through the comparison with historical data, you can master the hidden situation in time.

"Since August, the company’s substation operation and maintenance personnel have continuously strengthened the nighttime inspections. When the night infrared temperature measurement is carried out, the high-load operation of the peak is in the summer, and the company has been escorted. As of now, the company has discovered transformers and other equipment General defects 4, severe defects. All defects have been arranged in the first time, and the equipment is not defective. (Gajiawei Han Shuang Ma Wei) (the photo is provided by the National Net Shizhan Power Supply Company).

US media: China will reduce tariffs in accordance with the RCEP agreement next year

US media: China will reduce tariffs in accordance with the RCEP agreement next year

On November 8, according to the Bloomberg News Society reported on November 6, China said that it was prepared to reduce tariffs when the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP) is taken into force. A statement on the 6th of the Ministry of Commerce shows that China expects the agreement to significantly improve the level of economic integration in East Asia, and look forward to the comprehensive implementation of the agreement as soon as possible.

The statement also said that RCEP can promote the resuscitation of the regional epidemic, consolidate the industrial chain supply chain and promote economic development.

According to reports, RCEP is considered to be the largest regional trade agreement.

15 countries signed the agreement in 2020.

It covers approximately one-third of the population and GDP in China.

According to the regulations, the agreement takes effect in 15 Member States to approval, at least 6 ASEAN Member States and 3 Non-ASEAN Member States.

The report also said that China has confirmed that 6 ASEAN members, such as Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and 4 non-ASEAN members, such as Japan, New Zealand, Australia have officially submitted to the Secretary-General of the ASEAN. Approved, the rest of the country is accelerating the promotion of domestic approval procedures.

Russian Senior Official: Rusland is van plan om in 5 jaar meer dan 11.000 helikopters te produceren

Russian Senior Official: Rusland is van plan om in 5 jaar meer dan 11.000 helikopters te produceren

  Russian Satellite News Agency meldde op 8 november, zei de General Manager van de Russische helikopterholding bij het rapporteren aan de Russische president Poetin, Russische helikopterbedrijf is van plan om te produceren, verkopen (binnenlandse verkoop en export) over 1100 in 5 jaar. Helikopter. Rusland-26 Heavy-Duty Transport Helicopter Bokinski zei: "In de afgelopen vijf jaar verkoopt het bedrijf 865 helikopters in de binnenlandse militaire en civiele helikopter-verkooplijst.

  Hij voegde eraan toe: "In de komende vijf jaar is ons doel om de belangrijkste prestatie-indicatoren verder te verbeteren.

Van 2021 tot 2025 waren we van plan om meer dan 1100 helikopters te produceren en verkopen (binnenlandse verkoop en export).

Tegelijkertijd zal het civiele productaandeel op 2023 meer dan 50% bedragen.

"Bobuski zei ook dat er momenteel meer dan 8.000 Russische helikopters in 100 landen over de hele wereld zijn.

  Volgens rapporten, 28 september, Russische helikopterbedrijfmarketing en bedrijfsontwikkeling, zei de Russische nationale technologie set, dat China de belangrijkste strategische partner is in de Aerospace-apparatuur, die naar China kan worden ge?xporteerd. Het nieuwe product bevat rijst-171A3, Kaart-62 Helikopter, Lichtkaart-226T Helicopter en ANSAT-M EN CARD-32A11M-helikopters en BAS-200 en VRT-300 drones.

Three "Office Officers" in Inner Mongolia accept the review survey

Three "Office Officers" in Inner Mongolia accept the review survey

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy.

2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist. 2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment. The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud.

2021-11-1710: 49 Recently, American scientists have studied 77 tropical birds in the past 40 years of data in the Brazilian maiden tropics, found that in order to adapt to climate change, their weight is declining, and some species have decreased every 10 years. Nearly 2% of the body weight, 1/3 of the species grew a longer wings.

2021-11-1710: 48IBM said, I hope to introduce a 400 quantum-bit processor next year, and launch a processor called "Condor" in the latter year, breaking through 1000 quantum ratio. 521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, the modern microscopic instrument study, the study, has made breakthroughs in the field of optical super-resolution microscopic imaging technology.

On November 16, the research results were published in the form of "Nature – Biotechnology" in International Authoritative Magazine in Changwen. On this basis, on this basis, the project team also applies new crown virus nucleic acid detection quality control systems in the accepted assessment and quality control of new crown virus nucleic acid detection laboratories, and strongly enhances the detection level of Ningxia new crown virus nucleic acid detection. 2021-11-1709: 48 wrist, wearing a smart watch, the nose is hung in smart glasses, hung wireless headphones in the ear … In recent years, smart wear industries have developed rapidly, smart watches, headphones, etc., wearable equipment, more and more The favor of people. Experts said that with the further development of 5G, AI, cloud computing, the smart wear equipment market will usher in more development opportunities.

2021-11-1709: 462021 Space Technology Peace Utilization (Health) International Seminar Press Conference was held in Beijing on the 16th, and reporters learned from the conference that the 4th space technology and peaceful use (health) International seminar will be 11 The month was held in Beijing on the 18th.

2021-11-1709: 44 The so-called "nuclear energy and public distance", which means that nuclear power plant power generation is directly connected to the grid, and then transported to thousands of households. 2021-11-1709: According to the media reports

2021-11-1709: 36 With an infinite enthusiasm for the scientific cause of the motherland, the 87-year-old Shari River is still tirelessly struggling in the first line of science education, and scientific light is sprinkled to each corner.

2021-11-1709: 35 In December 2020, the front commander of the four sons of Inner Mongolia, a 80-year-old old man, regardless of the low temperature of the minus 30 ° C, waiting for "嫦娥" home at the scene. In the early morning, when the No. 5 return is smooth, his eyes were full of tears – "" three steps to the party’s central government "three steps" finally became a reality! "He, is our moon and deep space One of the pioneers of the exploration project, the general command of my country’s first probation project is academician.

2021-11-1709: 32 Director of the Ecological Environment Department and the Standard Director of the Standard Director, said, "Posetage of the law" is to fully incorporate the ecological environmental protection work into the rule of law, and promote the role of the Rule of Rule of Ecological environmental governance system and governance. The ability to modernize, in depth, in depth, we will put the pollution prevention and control, and promote the high-level protection of the ecological environment with high quality ecological civilization. 2021-11-1709: 23 What is the mine production unattended? Mine intelligent control system, automatic inspection robot, explosion-proof mobile phone real-time communication, super dust removal camera … With new equipment, new systems accelerated in coal mines, a coal mine intelligent blueprint is painting in Shanxi. 2021-11-1709: 23 The world seems to be talking about "Yuancos".

But the statement around this, the people said, and it is a job.

Some people think that this is a race in the future, and there should be a racing posture; if someone thinks that "Yuan Universe" is a capital speculation, which is a certain company’s technology An investment is saved. 2021-11-1709: 20 Wild strawberry resources have excellent fruit quality characteristics, such as the five-leaf strawberry white fruit has a strong fragrance, yellow raspberry has peach fragrant, green strawberries have fragrant flavor … The current cultivation variety has lost some Aromatic smell.

2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang Hospital covers an area of ??202 mu, with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters, which is a "earthquake hospital" in the country’s largest building area.

The total investment of the project is approximately 3.5 billion yuan, consists of three parts of the three-level comprehensive hospital, the International Medical Service Center, the Education and Employment Training Center. 2021-11-1610: 27 For different pigments, the ancient craftsmen use different concentrations of gel to adjust, such as adoption of concentrates and silver, using medium and thin adhesive and earthen, using pizza and black smoke. 2021-11-1610: 21.

Skills promote the excitement of Suikawa, adjacent to the region, excellent talents, "crossing"

Skills promote the excitement of Suikawa, adjacent to the region, excellent talents, "crossing"

Hairdressing racing referee scores a work.

The event organizer is awarded the theme of "Working in the Development Skills to Promote Zhenxing", which is divided into three different districts, including Chinese cooking, tour guide service, hairdressing, Internet marketing, drone driving, electronic assembly, etc. We built a platform for display skills and discussing skills.

Zhang Anjiang, secretary, said in a speech, hoping that the player fully demonstrates the style of superb skills, showing the style of the new era skills, further promoting the two places of the Sichuan and "one district" talent, technology, resources interoperability, and promote technical workers. Skills are singing "Double City" and build a "economic circle" and fully promotes a more active role in rural revitalization. At the opening ceremony, Sichuan, Suining, Neijiang, etc.

  "Weinnan will be based on the development of lemon, vegetables, pepper and other special agricultural industries, and build talents in adjacent regions, talents, platform sharing, and combined with human resources linkage development system, jointly cultivate more new professional farmers and Professional agricultural technology talents jointly provide solid support for high quality development of modern agriculture.

"The relevant person in charge of Yanwei District said.

  The closing ceremony of the afternoon announced a list of winners and conducted on-site awards, and the Weinan District, Chongqing, was transferred to the competarch. 62 players were divided into one, second, third prize of 6 projects in this competition, Suining City, Yinan District won the "Special Contribution Award"; Neijiang City, Tongliang District, Dazu District, Hechuan District, Rongchang District, Peng Water County was awarded "Excellent Organization Award" by the Competition Organizing Committee. (Liu Zhengning, Lin Xia) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Real estate industry financing environment is expected to improve real estate credit – real estate headlines

Real estate industry financing environment is expected to improve real estate credit – real estate headlines

[Abstract] Recently, real estate credit transmission speed, high-profile releasions, etc.

The agency believes that the mobility in the real estate industry in the fourth quarter will gradually be relieved.

  China Securities News reporter observed that the recent real estate credit transmission speed, the resilience of the real estate industry, etc.

The agency believes that the mobility in the real estate industry in the fourth quarter will gradually be relieved. Release positive signal credit transmission and housing and enterprises finance become a popular topic in the recent real estate industry. The data released by the Bank of November 10 shows that RMB loans increased by RMB 826.2 billion in October, which increased by 136.4 billion yuan. According to the branch, the resident loans increased by 464.7 billion yuan, among which the medium and long-term loans increased by 42.21 billion yuan. As of the end of October, the balance of personal housing loans was trillion, and the month increased 34.81 billion yuan, an increase of 10.13 billion yuan in September.

  Housing and enterprises have also active signals.

Among them, Poly Development, China Merchants Shekou and other housing enterprises were issued in the inter-bank bond market to be considered by the market as a signal of housing financing environment.

  According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the sales area of ??1430.41 million square meters in the first 10 months, the total growth rate of commercial housing is 14718.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. In the same period, real estate development enterprises were funded by $ 166.59.7 billion, a year-on-year growth rate, and average growth in two years.

  According to the National Bureau of Statistics, this year, the real estate market has continuously improved the long-term mechanism, and the various departments have continued to stabilize, stabilize housing prices, and the real estate market has maintained steady development, and real estate sales area expanded.

  BOC Securities said that in October, the increase in the growth rate of personal mortgage loans was 1%, and it improved a percentage point, and the mortgage was apparently accelerated. In the first 10 months, the housing company has a fund fund for trillion, a year-on-year increase. With the reasonable demand of development loans and sales return improvement, housing funds are tightly expected to be relieved.

  China CITIC Jianota pointed out that from the bottom of the Central Bank, the Silver Bank of China held the real estate finance work symposium, the financial supervision department has repeatedly released real estate financial policy signals, and the guidance housing enterprises’ financing environment has gradually improved. Data disclosed by many financial institutions also confirmed the trend of financing marginal improvement, and it is expected that funds in the fourth quarter of household financing and personal loans will be improved. The reporter noted that on November 12, the central bank once again, and safeguards the smooth development of the real estate market. From the point of view, some housing enterprises in October sales data is significantly higher than that. In September, Vanke A achieved a contract sales area of ??10,000 square meters, sold for 100 million yuan; in October, the contract sales area is 10,000 square meters, and the sales amount is 100 million yuan. Poly Development has realized a contract area of ??10,000 square meters in September, and the contract is 100 million; in October, the signing area is 10,000 square meters, and the contract is 100 million yuan. Some housing companies have adjusted the strategy. Taking the Jinke Shares as an example, the company recently received agency research, the company implemented a plate according to the actual situation of the market and project, further implementing the process of degrading speed and competition, and developed different marketing programs , Price strategy, payment strategy is different.

Shanxi realizes all provincial housing provident fund data interconnection sharing

Shanxi realizes all provincial housing provident fund data interconnection sharing

  The Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan January 12 (Reporter Wei Wei) reporter learned from the Taiyuan Housing Provident Fund Management Center that the center has been allowed to check the remaining 10 cities in the West Province by accessing the Shanxi Provident Fund Data Internet Sharing Platform. The deposit of employees has achieved Internet sharing of housing provident fund data. In order to solve the problem of working out of the land, the employee applied for housing provident fund loans across the city across the city, the Taiyuan City Housing Provident Fund Management Center has been developed, the first access to Shanxi Provincial Housing Provident Fund Data Internet Sharing Platform, and in the early November 2019 Completed the interconnection sharing of the 7 urban housing provident fund data in Datong, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou, Jinzhong, Changzhi, Linyi, Jincheng, the end of December 2019 realized the interconnection of the three urban housing provident fund data with Yangquan, Yuncheng, Lu Liang.

  It is understood that when the pay workers of other 10 urban housing provident fund management centers in Shanxi Province apply for purchase of housing in Taiyuan, there is no need to provide "deposits of differently loan deposits" and payment flow, relevant data by Taiyuan housing provident fund The management center is obtained through the Shanxi Provident Fund Data Internet Sharing Platform, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Notice on Simplified Housing Provident Fund Loans".


The girl is hitting a line in the river to live a line of police struggle to save the insurance

The girl is hitting a line in the river to live a line of police struggle to save the insurance

Original title: The police struggled to rescue the insurance, "There is a little girl jumped, the water is very rushing, come over!" At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of March 19th, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau Bailong Bridge Police Station received a warm public alarm, The police and Zhejia immediately rushed to the scene. Little girl falling water in Tongxi near Bailongqiao Zhen Village.

When Zhejia rushed to the scene, he saw the girl in the center of the red side of the offshore, only one head floated. At this time, the upstream is putting water, the water flow is getting bigger and bigger, and it will be overwhelmed with the little girl. Cum, Zhejia, no more thinking, hurry down the river to save people. After the lower river, the Philoschi found that the location of the girl where the girl was in a hurry. "I am so cold, it is so uncomfortable, save me …" The girl was weak and saved.

"Don’t be afraid, there will be fine."

"Kijia is comforting the girl, while putting the lifemaking circle in the girl, pull her to the shore. The closer the water is, the more the water is getting deeper, and the people who have been pulled by the people are flooded. Just at this time Suddenly he stepped on a ditch, and the body was almost slippery. The police on the shore threw a rescue rope to them, and Zhejia quickly grabbed the rope.

"Five meters, three meters, one meter.

"Under everyone’s cooperation, the two have successfully shore. After the upper shore, Kikai has rushed to the girl who frozen the shake of the shake of the blanket, and placed it properly.

Until the girl got a ambulance, Zhejia felt that his physical strength was not poured, and his legs were tingled.

It turned out in the process of rescue, his calf accidentally scratched the foreign matter in the water, but the cherry of the whole rescue was not aware of it.

After returning to the police station, he went to the hospital to visit the hospital.

The girl is Xia Min (pseudonym), is a student of the sixth grade of the famous elementary school, Yunnan, after the parents divorced in the past few years, live with Grandpa Grandma in Jinhua.

"I am really much thank you, my parents are divorced, she has been depressed, this is not the first time, but fortunately, you caught it in time!" Xiaomin’s grandmother gripped tightly. The hand of Zhejia, grateful. "My mom and dad don’t want me …" See the police, Xiao Min cried.

"Although your Mom and Dad are divorced, you can’t always be with you, but you have to believe that their heart is definitely love you …" Under the ankle of Zhejia, the girl’s heart is gradually opened, saying to learn well in the future. Actively facing future life. "A snow, he spends 3 hours to help a resident to empty the water in the home.

Yao Shuanghong, deputy director of the Bailongqiao Police Station, said that Kijia has always been an enthusiastic person, usually works very detailed, and a small case does not let the spider silk. (Editor: Kang Mengqi, Zhang Liwei).

Van januari tot mei bereikte Shanxi-provincie goederenhandel en export de totale waarde van 90,46 miljard yuan.

Van januari tot mei bereikte Shanxi-provincie goederenhandel en export de totale waarde van 90,46 miljard yuan.

  Oorspronkelijke titel: De eerste vijf maanden van de import- en exportgroei van de provincie bereikte 100 miljoen yuan, en de stijging van het jaar-op jaar in 8 juli, heeft de verslaggever geleerd van Taiyuan-douane, van januari tot mei dit jaar, de goederen van China De totale exportwaarde is van 100 miljoen yuan, de groeipercentage van het jaar, en de groeipercentage is de eerste in het land.

Onder hen, de export miljard yuan, een jaar-op-jaar groeipercentage; ge?mporteerd miljard yuan, een stijging van 89% op jaarbasis. De naleving van de handel is 100 miljoen yuan, ge?xpandeerd%.

  Vanaf een handelshandel is verwerkingshandel de belangrijkste handel in onze provincie en is verdubbeld en de algemene handelsgroei is snel en de gebonden logistieke methode is doorgegaan. In de eerste vijf maanden, de verwerking van de verwerking van de provincie importeren en exporteren miljard yuan, die het jaar-op-jaar verhoogd, goed voor% van de totale buitenlandse handelwaarde van de provincie; algemene handel import en export miljard yuan, jaar-op-jaar groei%, goed voor%. In dezelfde periode importeerde de gebonden logistieke methode van 200 miljoen yuan, dezelfde jaar-op-jaar toename.

  Van de handelspartner wordt de import en export van "All the Way" verdubbeld, met 21,6 miljard yuan, een stijging van 129% op jaarbasis, goed voor% van de totale buitenlandse handel van de provincie.

Met grote handelspartners zijn de Verenigde Staten, Japan, ASEAN, BRIC-landen en de EU-invoer en uitvoer aanzienlijk toegenomen en de totale waarde van de totale buitenlandse handel van de provincie.

De import en export van ons provincie Yuan, jaar-op-jaar toename, steeg van 100 miljoen yuan in Japan, verhoogd jaar-op-jaar; import en export miljard yuan voor de EU verhoogde jaar-op-jaargroei. Uit het handelsproduct wordt de uitvoer van de mobiele telefoon snel toegenomen en de uitvoer van meer dan 60%, ge?ntegreerde circuitonderdelen, mobiele telefoononderdelen, zonnecellen, anti-epidemische handschoenen wordt snel toegenomen; de import van ge?ntegreerde schakelingen is verdubbeld en De import van ijzerlegering wordt verminderd, en de minerale producten, enz. De import van metallurgische grondstoffen heeft een stijging. Onze provinciale machine en elektrische producten zijn ge?xporteerd naar miljard yuan, die het jaar-op-jaar verhoogd, goed voor% van de totale export in de provincie.

De zonnebatterij wordt ge?xporteerd naar 10.000 yuan, de waarde van 100 miljoen yuan wordt met 100 maanden verhoogd en de toename is%. (Reporter Meng Ting).