The spirit of the exploration is in the dream, and it will not meet the month.

The spirit of the exploration is in the dream, and it will not meet the month.

  "Forever Spiritual Flame" series network review 47: "We finally have your own moon!" In the early morning of December 17, 2020, the No. 5 return carrier carried the moon ball sample successfully returned to the earth, this is the 21st century Human first moon sampling returns task. At this moment, the three steps of the "winding, falling, returning" three steps in China, which also means that China’s aerospace industry will take a big step forward.

  At the beginning of this century, my country put forward the "winding, falling, returning" three steps.

Realizing the Chinese nation in the Millennium Millennium Dream, to the first realization of my country’s first time, the first time to achieve the leap in China; from the 3rd, the first moon, to the first moon on the back of the first moon … behind the achievements of the arrogant achievements of the month, it is a solid pace that China’s children who have a number of people who have a dream of moon dreams in our country have taken a solid step towards the vast universe, the development of space care, and build space powers. Exploring the moon is a "10,000 -1 = zero" career, accompanied by risks, challenges, and unknown, a screw, a plug can even decide the success or failure of the entire project.

More than ten years of exploration, 380,000 kilometers of pursuit, hundreds of units, tens of thousands of scientific and technological workers, the PLA guide to achieve a breakthrough in the nine days, one, one step, step by step, also condensed chasing dreams, Courage to explore, collaborate, and cooperate with a win-win spirit. The starry sky is vast, exploring is never ending.

Today, "嫦娥", "Tian asked" to fire … China’s aerospace dreams are constantly broadcasting, and the "poems and far" continues to pass through the spirit.

"Meeting with the moon, we are undoubtedly serious!" As a general designer of the exploration project, Wu Weiren, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that when the stars and space exploration, the battles were passed to the new generation of aerospace, and the animal husbandry plowed forward, space The footsteps of the dream must be deeper, farther.

(Text: Xu Ke Poster Design: Wang Wei).