Suqian Su Yu: Painting Bluepruch Clauses is struggling to be a "first military"

Suqian Su Yu: Painting Bluepruch Clauses is struggling to be a "first military"

The Sudu District "struggling to open the New Bureau, the first march" exchange research and the work of the work.

Li Xin and sheep, the people’s network is moved on July 12th, the Shengshimi Festival, Jiangsu Suqian City Suyu District, "Battle Flag" hunting, "Strive to open the New Bureau, the first march", the big study, the big investigation, the agency unit unit The township streets are rapidly launched, and the climax is over.

On July 11th, Su Yu District "struggling to open a new bureau, when the first march" exchange research and workshop, the district-level leaders, the district courts, the district procuratorate, the township (street, park The party and government is mainly responsible for comrades, as well as the district and direct departments, and the main responsible comrades of all units, etc.

At the meeting, the Secretary of the Suyu District Party Committee said that in the perspective of jumping out of the perspective of Su Yu, the goal of surpassing the past is pursued, with more hard style and strong protection, further clarifying the work ideas, refining the work measures, and paying attention to work Implementation, focus is to persist in schedule, turn the position into the status, struggle to open a new bureau; insist on taking the moment, turn the requirements into pursuit, and be good first.

"We must anchor the goal and brave, attacking hard, strong, scientific and dry, struggling to open a new bureau, as good as the first march, promote the high quality development and modern construction of Suyu," said Yin Qi Guo said. "Currently, Su Yu is in the transformation period of the climbing crossing, and there is a high-profile development opportunity." Xu Yuan, a sector of Suyu District, summed up the development advantage of Su Yu, and The district has an in-depth exchange in the three aspects of investment promotion, project promotion, and park construction, and solutions.

He said, want to be a good army of the city’s economic and social development, we must adhere to the first order of development, firmly grasp the "cow nose" of the industrial economy, and ask for a truth, , Hard work, and strive to build a "half-Wanjiang Mountain" in the city of Suqian Center.

"Opening a ‘Master Classroom’, inviting domestic sector experts, well-known scholars, etc., improve learning counseling level; organize the ‘collective classroom’, use good ‘red book’ ‘my family school’ teacher resources, often carry out interactive micro-leaders, Theoretical class is built to the door of the masses … "" Next, we will focus on the goal of building a rural revitalization, agricultural modernization demonstration zone, strengthen integration, and promote new breakthroughs, new achievements … "" Street jurisdiction 9 Community, 60 communities, in accordance with "Mature One, Establish a" principle, the street has established 43 grid party branch … "" "Next, we will focus on 10 key industrial chains, focus on scientific and technological innovation, support policies. Keep an increase in the support of the new material industry, improve the innovation level of intelligent manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and electronic information industry … "Yuan Changhua, Yuanheng, Shen Hao, Qinshi, Chen Huimin and other 29 district leaders respectively in cultural construction, village revitalization, technology Development and other lines work to report, introduce the overall situation of the work, analyze the short board, introduce the next work plan, the entire meeting site atmosphere and enthusiastic.

Since the launch of the big studies, the departments of various departments in Suyu District have quickly mobilized deployment, organizational learning and discussion, and effectively enhanced the study of the study in accordance with the requirements of Wang Hao, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. The mission of the city’s economic and social development is awarded.

The main person in charge of all units has arranged deployment, promoted the implementation, organized the requirements of the majority of party members and cadres and staff to mark the requirements of the "five preliminary military", planning to develop ideas, and promoting the implementation of work.

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