The banner is clear, the political bite is "demonstration, and the first" goal is not shaken.

The banner is clear, the political bite is "demonstration, and the first" goal is not shaken.

  November 23 to 24, Comrade Yao Zengke participated in discussions in the provincial party delegation. He pointed out that Yi Yi Hong comrade represents the report of the 14th Provincial Committee, and resolutely accurately control the spirit of the central spirit of the table, one to consider the spirit of the important speech, the banner, the flag, the flag, " The first "goal is not shaken. Looking back in the past five years, it is not easy, it is not simple, really extraordinary history, seeking truth from facts; summing up the past five years of reform and development, the party governance party is vivid and practical, exciting; analysis facing challenges and existence gaps, accurate Objective; planning to work in the next five years, based on actual, and a high as much as high.

This is a report that reflects the continuation development and the times. It is a report that reflects strong mission, enterprising spirit, and strong in the people’s sentiment, is a guiding document in a comprehensive construction of socialist modern Jiangxi. I fully agree with this report.

  After listening to Liu Feng and Hu Xuemei, Yao Zengke pointed out that with all over the province, Jingdezhen has no change in the year of Jingdezhen, and more work harder, more, and more in the same year, highlighting the political nature of the majority of party members. And valuable character, this is a powerful driving force and support of high quality development. Yao Zengke hopes Jingdezhen City to adhere to the guidance of socialist socialism in Xi Jinping, "demonstration and death first" in various aspects.

He emphasized that one is to grasp the relationship between traditional industrial upgrading and emerging industrial development.

Adhere to the traditional industry is not equal to the backward industry, the key is how to enforce energy in accordance with the concept of new development, high standards, build a national ceramic culture inheritance innovation test area. The second is to grasp the relationship between state-owned economies and the economic economic economy. Use a good job in the reform of the Jiangxi state-owned enterprise, respect the market law, grasp the market law, expand the main attack direction, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and adhere to the state-owned economy and non-public economy economy, two promotion. The third is to grasp the relationship between self-reliance and enhancement. Firmly establish "more than the world can not open" concept, increase the intention of recruiting talents, full of true feelings, maintain enthusiasm, strive for more excellent enterprises, high-end talents landing, service development.

The fourth is to grasp the relationship between the main trade industrial and the first and third industries.

While doing a good job in agriculture and service, the flag is clear, and the main leadership of the industry, attack the industry, and focus on developing new advantageous industries such as biomedicine, and cultivates more new economic growth points.

The fifth is to grasp the relationship between integrity and diligence and good governance.

Party members and cadres, especially as the "key minority" leaders, not only need to clean and have to do things, not only to clean officers, but also good work, can do things.

Continuously strengthen learning, enhance capacity and level, doing political, have excellent responsibility, and hard work, and hard work. (Reporter Liu Fei) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.