The national compulsory tree is more than 17.5 billion trees in 40 years.

The national compulsory tree is more than 17.5 billion trees in 40 years.

  The accumulated 17.5 billion people participated in the tree planting of more than 78 billion strains. Today, on December 13, 1981, the fourth meeting of the 5th National People’s Congress adopted the "resolution to carry out national obligation to plant trees", Greening the motherland has become a statutory obligation of each age-age citizen.

In the past 40 years, the people of the whole country have actively participated, and the national obligation tree planting has achieved remarkable results. At the time of the winter planting tree, it is located in Xiaowang Village, Xiang County, Hebei Province, and a group of three or five people, the shovel, and the filming, the drum water is watered, and a tree seedlings are planted.

  With the continued in-depth of land greening, Jingxian encourages and advocates the broad masses of people through direct trees, recognition, volunteer services, etc., joining the obligation tree planting activities. In the past 40 years, the county has participated in 12.2 million people to participate in the voluntary tree planting, and more than 61 million trees are accumulated.

  Wang Chao, Xiaowang Village, Jingzhou Town, Jing County, Hebei Province: I have participated in the 12 years of voluntary planting trees, I feel that this activity is particularly meaningful, watching the small tree in which you plant it grows up every day, especially a sense of accomplishment.

  In the country, as of now, the national age-age citizen accumulates 17.5 billion people to participate in the voluntary tree, accumulating 78 billion plants, which is a major contribution to climate change, construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China. Zhang Wei, Director of the National Forestra Bureau Ecological Protection and Rehabilitation Division: Carrying out the dussion of the whole people, which has strongly promoted the growth of forest resources in my country, so that my country’s forest coverage increased by 12% of the early 1980s to%, forest accumulation Yili cubic meters increased to the billion cubic meters, making my country have become the largest growth in forest resources and the largest population. Improve the ecological awareness of the whole people to promote the significant improvement of the ecological environment and improve the ecological awareness of the whole people through the obligation to plant trees. The public participates in the tree planting, the enthusiasm of the construction of the beautiful home is unprecedented, and the urban and rural ecological environment will improve significantly. In Henan Zhoukou Sichuanhui District, hundreds of organ cadres and the masses are being plagued in Zhoukou Forest Park.

This obligation tree planting is about 120 mu, and the variety has a tree that is suitable for winter plants such as eucalyptus, Fatong, and Great leaves.

  It is located in the Yellow River, which is located in the Yellow River, which is located in the Yellow River.

In order to improve the urban ecological environment, Zhoukou City has been planted in large-scale tree planting in many years. Through the land greening, the old sand is turned into a natural ecological garden integrating ecological landscape, outdoor leisure, and educational science.

  Zhoukou City, Henan Province, the public Jiqinghui: Come to the forest park, seeing the environment is particularly good, air is particularly fresh, and the mood is natural.

  Not only the city, but also has a significant change in rural settings.

  In Jiangsu Xuzhou Tongshan District National Forest Country, Although it is winter, the trees are covered with trees, the lakeside, the apricot of the hillside, the passion in the mountains, still color, full of vitality, like a beautiful landscape painting. Tao Hongbo, Forestry Station, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province: In the obligation tree planting, we have moved from the initial pursuit of quick-friendly single varieties, and to focus on the quality of forestry, and now promote diversified economic tree species, increase farmers’ income.

Promote the township species and retain the hometown.

Promote colorful tree, play the beautiful countryside. Through continuous constant planted trees, the green coverage rate in the national urban construction area increased by% in the early 1980s to the current%, and the per capita park has a square meter of the 1980s to increase the square meter of the current in the early 1980s.

From the central to the local, from the city to the country, a row of green muffles, a piece of desert becomes an oasis, the garden street, the community village green landscaping day and the new moon, overall realization by yellow to green, from green to the United States.

  Determining the focus of the work, the healthy development of the national obligation to plant trees is the next step in the national obligation tree. The relevant person in charge of the State Forestra Bureau said it will determine the key points and promote the healthy development of national obligations. The first is the improvement system, revised the implementation of the State Council on the implementation of the national obligation to plant trees, and accelerate the legislation process of the national obligation tree.

Establishing a sound entry of the obligation tree, base construction, project management, and statistical assessment of 4 aspects of the four aspects of the assessment, strengthen the standardization of the standardization of the obligation to plant trees. Zhang Wei, Director of the National Forestra Bureau Ecological Protection and Rehabilitation Division: Building a comprehensive platform for the national obligation to plant a comprehensive platform, enriching the various forms of various responsible people now, and introduces a batch of obligational trees to plant trees, so that the masses are close to the responsibility, diverse. In order to facilitate the public better participation in the national compulsory tree, accelerate the construction of all kinds of obligation tree planting bases at all levels, vigorously promote the allocation of the afforestation greening, staining and care, confstising, donation, volunteer service, etc., promoting "cloud tree planting" "Code is responsible" new model, let "all year round, diverse, convenient" to become normal. In addition, strengthen the propagation of ecological knowledge, promote the concept of ecological civilization, improve the people’s love green, plant green, protect green, and green consciousness, and strive to create a full social support, participate in the strong atmosphere of the obligation tree.