The main body of the Guangdong market exceeded 15 million households account for about 110

The main body of the Guangdong market exceeded 15 million households account for about 110

Original title: Guangdong market main body exceeded 15 million households in Guangdong market exceeded 15 million! According to the data of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, as of November 3, Guangdong has a total of 10,000 market mains, accounting for 1/10 of the country, and has a steady country.

Among them, all kinds of enterprises, accounting for about 1/7 of the country; individual industrial and commercial households, accounting for about 1/12 in the country. The jump of the market main body is inseparable from the continued efforts of Guangdong in the reform of commercial institutions. Guangdong first opened the national commercial system reform Qianhe, in 2012, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan, Shunde District launched a reform pilot of the commercial system, implemented the "first-rate post), registered capital," Reform, such as multi site.

2014 "Guangdong Experience" has been promoted nationwide.

  At present, Guangdong has implemented enterprises to start "a table application, one day to complete", and the province’s starting enterprise procedure is reduced from 14 reforms to 1, and the time is compressed from 35 working days to 1 working day.

Guangzhou Nansha explores the reform of the purchase of business registration and confirmation, the first to implement the "Commitment System" of the taxation in the country, the enterprise "inward" and mandatory cancellation, cracking clear, and difficult problems.

  Admission is the procurement, and the enterprise is reduced. Guangdong has also vigorously promotes "photo failure" and simplified approval, and take the lead in achieving full coverage of "license separation" reform province, implementing the full coverage list of foreign-related business licensing matters in the province.

Promoting the reform of "a photo" involved in the approval service, realizing the "one application, parallel approval, limited time to the relevant business license", and promoting the efficiency of licensing approval quality.

  The reform of commercial institutions has effectively promoted the innovation of the public, which greatly stimulates the market subjectivity. In 2021, Guangdong Province has 53 enterprises per thousand people (according to the resident population), the average new market entity is 7521. The market main body in the province has increased several times before 2012, and the average increases by nearly 20% per year. "The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration will establish the concept of ‘large market, big quality, and great supervision’, and promote the integration and rules of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay Areas, accelerate the advancement of the former Hai-Shenzhen and Hong Kong cooperation and Hengqin Guangdong and Australia Development and opening up, promoting the reform of the Guangdong commercial system continues to deepen, continue to walk in the forefront of the country, to help the market main body, the vitality is full, providing a solid support for steady growth. "The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Authority said.

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