Royal Song Dynasty, Song Duo, Phase I:

Royal Song Dynasty, Song Duo, Phase I:

  Shanghai November 5 (Reporter Chen Jing) "Song Duoyufu Lan Ting – One of the Pavilion" is now in Shanghai. The reporter learned that in the "Song Duo Yufu Lan Ting – One of the" Song Du ", the discovery, Hidden Value" Academic Salon, Shanghai University Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Chen Yimei, China Academy of Fine Arts Dr. Sun Tian, ??Tian Zhenyu, and the book and painting memorial appreciation of the family Wanjun Chao jointly explored the important research value of the Lanting.

The monument is appreciated by the Wanjun Chao. This piece can be determined to be the "son" of the Dingwu Lan Ting, and in the first Royal House, the five Lantings are best, "Basically roughly maintained the decoration of the Jinwangfu, the original state preservation Very good, this can be seen in the market, it is a blessing. "It is like being one of the people in the Southern Song", "in the Ming Dynasty. The completed, each ten kinds, the future generation is called the Pavilion.

The debut of "Song Duo Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Pavilion" is the first piece of tourism.

  It is reported that there is almost all of the Tanji secret records of Jinan, which have been seen so far.

In the Jinfu, Zhao Menglin, who was heavy, the blue paper in the roll, the blue paper in the volume, the Jinfu Tibetan print and the seam screen "Zhao Meng Lin" is the Significant Features of the Jinfu collection and heavy.

Enter the Qing Dynasty, Sun Chengze "Gengzi Said Summer", Hu Shi’an "禊" Tour Pavilion.

  Chen Yimei, a professor, Shanghai University, Shanghai University, said that this "Song Duoyu Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Tour Pavilion" is called the standard parts of Pai Lanting, and the most important feature is that Song Gaozong Zhao is also Book Shaoxing First, August 14th, "Time is equivalent to now 890 years ago (AD 1131), this clear publication is extremely rare in all engraved Lantings, it is estimated that it is also the only boutique year in Tour. One.

"Dr. Tian Zhenyu, the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, believes that every topography is not repetitive, with unsubstituted significance, high art and literature value in calligraphy and history. Chen Yimei point out that" Song Duoyu Lanting – One of the proudlands "can be very clear to the second generation of Wu Lan Ting", in order to infer the true appearance of De Lan Ting, the important value is self-evident.

  Lu Dadong, deputy director of the Modern Calligraphy Research Center of China Academy of Fine Arts, believes that from the perspective of the current generation of Lanting works, Wang Xizhi’s "Lanting order" is not only a pearl of Chinese traditional culture, but also a cultural phenomenon, its value is far Super general calligraphy works, and the topography of Lanting is equivalent to "bordering".

Lu Dadong said that every branch is born, inheriting the mission of Lanting culture, especially this "Song Duoyu Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Lan Dangli", confirming the legend about the Lan Ting, is also the Pai Lanting A glimpse of the heavy color. In the interview, the reporter learned that from the perspective of historical research, "Song Duoyu Fa Lanting – One of the Toy Lanli" is the Song Dynasty, and rare. In-depth research, the prEN game, you can solve the problem, such as Dingwu Lanting in the Southern Song Dynasty, leading from Yamotang, 颍 上,, 兰 兰 兰,, Wu Yan Lanting poetry, etc. is important cultural relic value, version value and artistic value .