Quantang Street, Changsha County: Garbage classification and more fun, children’s heart experience entertaining

Quantang Street, Changsha County: Garbage classification and more fun, children’s heart experience entertaining

People’s Network Changsha on July 20th, the promotion of garbage sorting team, established the "Party Member Environmental Service Team" to carry out garbage classification volunteer activities, to create a garbage classification demonstration community … garbage classification publicity form, new ideas and new method layers continue to emerge The participation rate of residents’ environmental protection awareness rate is significantly improved.

"Children, everyone wants to become a small-sized classifier in the home, is the campus environmental protection small guards?" Recently, Quantang Street City Management Service Center United Squi Qun Community, Hunan Jinlong Sanitation Co., Ltd., in the jurisdiction, primary school students in Quantang Park Carry out the theme publicity activities of "New Fashion and Children to Party to Party".

First of all, the children carry out the "" event in the runway, packets on the garbage four-class runway to pick out the cards corresponding to the runway, children chasing me, according to the classified knowledge of usual accumulation, quickly identify the representative Different garbage cards. In the subsequent "you painted me guess" link, two people divided into a group, one of the people described a table tennis that represents garbage from the winner box, and another person guess the name of the item, then classify; With both collaborative capabilities, it can check the knowledge reserves of garbage classification.

After the event, the staff detail in detail in the game process, due to the incorrect incorrect classification, until everyone completely understands. "This activity is not only interesting, but also learns a lot of knowledge.

"The children have said that they are still unfinished.

Through this activity, cultivate the environmental awareness of children, develop a good habit of garbage classification, reaching a child to drive a family, affecting a community’s purpose, calling for everyone to act, to fight for garbage classification advocates and actors , Boost garbage classification.

Next, Quantang Street will continue to enrich the form of garbage classification activities, take measures, promote garbage sort into the community, enter the school, enter the campus, etc., strengthen the "party members’ environmental volunteer" team, vigorously carry out garbage classification knowledge preaching, etc. "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities. (Su Jun Liuyuting) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.