The Yangtze River Delta City Party Newspaper Association was established in Huzhou

The Yangtze River Delta City Party Newspaper Association was established in Huzhou

Original title: The Yangtze River Delta City Party News Cooperation Union was established from Huzhou from August 27 to 29, from Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei and other long triangle city party newspaper, nearly 80 representatives gathered Huzhou, established the Yangtze River Delta City Party News Collaboration Union, The first concentrated interview activity of the United States "Changda City Party Newspaper Looking at Huzhou". The delegates walked into the county district of Huzhou, using a pen and the lens to record the moving story of the beautiful butterfly in Huzhou, explore the micro-shadow of the green mountains.

Deqing County Qianyuan Town, Luido Town and Yu Yue Town have also been awarded the Practice Base of the Yangtze River Delta City Party News.

Daiqing County Luoido Town, Dongbao Village, Hong Kong, Xiwu, Village, quiet and beautiful.

Who once thought that this is originally a mineral village, 13 mine enterprises in the Dingsheng period, with an annual opening of more than 10 million tons.

The opening of the intensive wealth accumulated in the development of entrepreneurship, but also made the ecological environment seriously damage.

In these years, the Eastern Heng Village is leading the concept of "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", actively promotes the reclamation of abandoned miners, completing the central village collection, adding green landscape, improve the village living environment, and vigorously inheriting painting and calligraphy Culture, build a piano innovation industrial park.

In 2019, the collective economic income of East Heng Village reached 25.76 million yuan. The metamorphosis of the East Heng Village is amazing.

As the "Green Water Qingshan is the" Green Shan Yinshan "concept, the gains and take the lead in practice, the beautiful villages on Huzhou Dadi are beautiful and colorful. Into the Yuyu Village, Tianzhiping Town, Anji County, and the rainless rain can’t live the enthusiasm of tourists in the Yangtze River. The "green water mountains of the village is the monument of Jinshan Yinshan" monument, and the people taking pictures are endless. Abandoning the development model of destroying the ecology, Yu Village relying on green mountains and green hills, the rural tourism is full of long triangles. Last year, Yu Village realized the village collective income of 5.21 million yuan.

In Wu Xing District Beauty Town, Radiation Effect, Ioli, etc., and the "Government + Enterprise + Industry" linkage, the small town innovation industry, focusing on cosmetics and related supporting industries, and constructing the whole industry dominated by cosmetics production. chain.

At present, the beauty town has accumulated 106 cosmetics and related enterprises, gathered global high-end beauty projects, and became an important engine that promoted local economic transformation. The Dream Paradise of Taihu Dragon Dragon Dragonfly, who is in Changxing County, the ecological environment and diversified play experience of the back of the mountain, is deeply favored by the long triangle.

In just four years, this billion-in-Shanghai-funded project has become "star" in Nanhuohu Lake, Huzhou.

"Through Huzhou’s vigorous vitality and unlimited possibilities, the huge potential and space of the long triangle high quality integration." The consortium member units have said that they hope to plan more major reported topics in the regular basis, publicize interaction, interaction Together, we will build a joint force of the Yangtze River Delta Cooperative Competence with the Higher Quality Integration Development of the Yangtze River Triangulation. (Editor: Wang Lizhen, Zhang Liwei).