The girl is hitting a line in the river to live a line of police struggle to save the insurance

The girl is hitting a line in the river to live a line of police struggle to save the insurance

Original title: The police struggled to rescue the insurance, "There is a little girl jumped, the water is very rushing, come over!" At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of March 19th, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau Bailong Bridge Police Station received a warm public alarm, The police and Zhejia immediately rushed to the scene. Little girl falling water in Tongxi near Bailongqiao Zhen Village.

When Zhejia rushed to the scene, he saw the girl in the center of the red side of the offshore, only one head floated. At this time, the upstream is putting water, the water flow is getting bigger and bigger, and it will be overwhelmed with the little girl. Cum, Zhejia, no more thinking, hurry down the river to save people. After the lower river, the Philoschi found that the location of the girl where the girl was in a hurry. "I am so cold, it is so uncomfortable, save me …" The girl was weak and saved.

"Don’t be afraid, there will be fine."

"Kijia is comforting the girl, while putting the lifemaking circle in the girl, pull her to the shore. The closer the water is, the more the water is getting deeper, and the people who have been pulled by the people are flooded. Just at this time Suddenly he stepped on a ditch, and the body was almost slippery. The police on the shore threw a rescue rope to them, and Zhejia quickly grabbed the rope.

"Five meters, three meters, one meter.

"Under everyone’s cooperation, the two have successfully shore. After the upper shore, Kikai has rushed to the girl who frozen the shake of the shake of the blanket, and placed it properly.

Until the girl got a ambulance, Zhejia felt that his physical strength was not poured, and his legs were tingled.

It turned out in the process of rescue, his calf accidentally scratched the foreign matter in the water, but the cherry of the whole rescue was not aware of it.

After returning to the police station, he went to the hospital to visit the hospital.

The girl is Xia Min (pseudonym), is a student of the sixth grade of the famous elementary school, Yunnan, after the parents divorced in the past few years, live with Grandpa Grandma in Jinhua.

"I am really much thank you, my parents are divorced, she has been depressed, this is not the first time, but fortunately, you caught it in time!" Xiaomin’s grandmother gripped tightly. The hand of Zhejia, grateful. "My mom and dad don’t want me …" See the police, Xiao Min cried.

"Although your Mom and Dad are divorced, you can’t always be with you, but you have to believe that their heart is definitely love you …" Under the ankle of Zhejia, the girl’s heart is gradually opened, saying to learn well in the future. Actively facing future life. "A snow, he spends 3 hours to help a resident to empty the water in the home.

Yao Shuanghong, deputy director of the Bailongqiao Police Station, said that Kijia has always been an enthusiastic person, usually works very detailed, and a small case does not let the spider silk. (Editor: Kang Mengqi, Zhang Liwei).