Skills promote the excitement of Suikawa, adjacent to the region, excellent talents, "crossing"

Skills promote the excitement of Suikawa, adjacent to the region, excellent talents, "crossing"

Hairdressing racing referee scores a work.

The event organizer is awarded the theme of "Working in the Development Skills to Promote Zhenxing", which is divided into three different districts, including Chinese cooking, tour guide service, hairdressing, Internet marketing, drone driving, electronic assembly, etc. We built a platform for display skills and discussing skills.

Zhang Anjiang, secretary, said in a speech, hoping that the player fully demonstrates the style of superb skills, showing the style of the new era skills, further promoting the two places of the Sichuan and "one district" talent, technology, resources interoperability, and promote technical workers. Skills are singing "Double City" and build a "economic circle" and fully promotes a more active role in rural revitalization. At the opening ceremony, Sichuan, Suining, Neijiang, etc.

  "Weinnan will be based on the development of lemon, vegetables, pepper and other special agricultural industries, and build talents in adjacent regions, talents, platform sharing, and combined with human resources linkage development system, jointly cultivate more new professional farmers and Professional agricultural technology talents jointly provide solid support for high quality development of modern agriculture.

"The relevant person in charge of Yanwei District said.

  The closing ceremony of the afternoon announced a list of winners and conducted on-site awards, and the Weinan District, Chongqing, was transferred to the competarch. 62 players were divided into one, second, third prize of 6 projects in this competition, Suining City, Yinan District won the "Special Contribution Award"; Neijiang City, Tongliang District, Dazu District, Hechuan District, Rongchang District, Peng Water County was awarded "Excellent Organization Award" by the Competition Organizing Committee. (Liu Zhengning, Lin Xia) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.