This is the normalization of Shandong Shandong, is the normalization of the certificate, 90% of the registration matters completed

This is the normalization of Shandong Shandong, is the normalization of the certificate, 90% of the registration matters completed

Original title: Shandong delivery is normalized, 90% of registration matters, completing the real estate registration, involving thousands of households, high concerns.

Reporter today (September 30) learned from the press conference held by Shandong Provincial Government Information Office that the current Shandong Provincial "Take the Office" to achieve normalization, "Take a certificate" certificate project and number of households ranked first in the country.

The real estate registration process is greatly streamlined, and 90% of the registration matters are completed, 30% of the registration matters are completed within 1 hour.

"Shandong Province will advance the project construction project approval system reform and real estate registration process, the departmental administrative license, the approval of the compliance with the cooperation, carry out process reconstruction, right premium, data sharing, online application, play the ‘one network" platform and online The advantages of nuclear tax payment technologies are subject to real estate projects that meet the statutory conditions, and they will be registered in real estate.

"The Provincial Natural Resources Department first-level inspector Song Shoujun introduced that the province’s counties have established a" payment of the delivery "mechanism, 2126 projects realize the" 348 real estate projects to achieve "payment of the house", Hui and the masses of the people, the number of certificates, the number of households ranked first. At present, Shandong Province focuses on the real estate development project of the completion of the comprehensive acceptance, legal exchange, and implements "paying the house to be licensed" service. Buying a house handling new commercial housing has two The way. First, the network sign has applied for real estate notice registration, and then "pre-regulating the current" registration will be obtained when they pay the house. Second, the development of the company will first fill in "real estate registration" Selling information for the application;

There are also two ways to apply for real estate registration, tax payment, and receive certificates in the delivery house; also use real estate registration "one network to do" platform, and apply for real estate registration, and pay the certificate after online payment. Shandong Province has focused on "Special Action Special Action" in Real Estate, and the "Comprehensive Acceptance" window in the real estate registration hall is set, and the registration process is extremely simplified. At present, 90% of the provinces completed 3 working days, 50% of the registration matters were completed, and 30% of the registration matters were completed within 1 hour. The registration link is reduced to 2, and the registration material is reduced to 2-4.

Last year, Shandong Province launched the province’s real estate registration "one network through" platform.

This year, Shandong Province continues to expand platform functions, homesteads, forest land, new commercial housing "Transfer + Mortgage" and other 34 types of business types will be on line. The type of business will reach 84 categories after the online, covering the type of land, house, sea area, and forestry registration. Applicants can use the logistics information inquiry, registration application, online payment, and receive the real estate electronic certificate online. Up to now, online handling has reached 10,000 parts, and the electronic license license issued 17.93 million copies.

In addition, Shandong Province is registered with the real estate, there is no paper, and does not see you.

It is expected that in October, the provincial real estate registration platform will use the province’s unified living identification, electronic signature technology, support online authentication, real meaning, online signing, department sharing information confirmation, online commitment, and gradually launch personal high-frequency real estate registration business " Full Network Office, realize the "cross-provincial" "provincial office".

In the application of living body identification, electronic signature technology, the applicant can complete the identity experience in the real estate registration hall, with the identification equipment, and the invigilator is witnessed by the window staff. Online application and information upload, realize "provinces".

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