Quanzhou Characteristic Party Construction Project Exhibition: "Ten Years of Working Sword"

Quanzhou Characteristic Party Construction Project Exhibition: "Ten Years of Working Sword"

Southeast Network December 14th (Correspondent Chen Si) Recently, the theme of the creation of "Let the Party Central Central Affirmation, Let the People’s Same Works" Theme, 2021 Quanzhou Municipal Bureau Characteristic Party Construction Project Assembly Finals 38 projects stand out from the 110 projects in the initial competition, in the final scene of the 200-minute statement + PPT demo + judge ratings, more bright, more than innovation, more effective, to create the work of the creation of model organs, emerged, emerge A batch of party construction methods that sustainable, copied, and can be used, so that the party cadres in the scene have enjoyed a "featured party building feast".

From 2011 to 2021, the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Directors’ Working Committee maintained the patience and strength of the "Ten Years of Working Sword", and creating a featured party building project evaluation carrier platform, guiding the grassroots level insisting on free exploration and problem-oriented combination, Create the party building work atmosphere of the organization, and can innovate, in order to promote high-quality development of high quality development in the government. The Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, compacted the main responsibility of the project management.

The Organization Work Committee took responsibility for the party group (Party Committee) to implement the responsibility of the party’s party building (Party Committee) to implement the party group (Party Committee).

Each year, the Ministry of Working Committee focuses on the key tasks of the party building work that implements the upper-level deployment, close the municipal government center, the research and determination of the project assessment theme, and guide the city’s institutional party organizations around theme, planning, and declares the project.

The organ work committee learns from the concept of economic work, implementing the process management means, and requires each project to clear the target tasks, responsible subjects, schedules, etc. Louncing contacts the party building key project system to ensure that the project is advanced in order to achieve expected results.

Since 2011, there have been 1197 Party Construction Projects to participate in the assessment; in 2021, 101 organs of the organs of the Ministry of Industry and COD have reached the party organization, and the participation is reached, and the city, county two-level agency linkage, each county (City, District) Recommend three project participation in the assessment. The Party Committee of the Organization Party Committee, adhere to the problem-oriented promotion of party construction business. The party committee of the organ (including the party branch of the grassroots committee, the party branch) under the specific leadership of all units (Party Committee), combined with the center of work and specific actual practical, and planned to build a characteristic party building project.

Adhere to the problem-oriented, focus on finding the weaknesses of the party building, innovative work methods, such as the party committee of the Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court track.

Pay attention to the joint point of the party construction and business, party building guidance can help attack hard, such as the party committee of Quanzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission around "Business Environment" to deploy, strengthen political supervision, optimize the business environment, and high quality Development and escort; the party committee of Quanzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau has helped Quanzhou application by diversified, normalized, refined, and high-quality party construction; Quanzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau Party Committee creates strong political, high, Work hard, dare to take, especially to suffer, especially able to fight, especially the ecological environment that can be dedicated to protect the iron army, and make good pollution prevention and control. The party committee actively explored the "two leather" "Two-skinned", "two-skinned", "two", "black", and highlights the freshness and leadership of the party building.

Quanzhou County hield een schone onderwijsconferentie van thuisstijl om te cultiveren

Quanzhou County hield een schone onderwijsconferentie van thuisstijl om te cultiveren


Lai Yifeng-foto "Ik hoop dat de families zich strikt opdagen, altijd de reeks van eerlijke en eerlijkheid vastzetten, maar moeten een goed" 贤 贤 内 ", maar eerlijker zijn", laat elk gezin een schone tuin worden, eerlijke haven .. . "Onlangs had Guilin City, Guilin City een schone huisstijl, en hield een speciale counseling.

De vergadering vereist dat goede woningwind heeft behaald, goede families, goede familiewinden en eerlijkheid, goede thuiswind bouwen Een goed leven, goede thuisstijl is goed.

Het gebouw is een belangrijke maatregelen voor het toezicht op de innovatie in Quanzhou County. De toonaangevende kaders moeten bewust het gevoel van missie van schone huishoudensconstructie verbeteren, stevig een gezin denken, eenzame LIAN, Pierce en Hys-verantwoordelijkheidsbewustzijn, actief leren leiderschapsfeest, Verordeningen van kaders en zelfdiscipline, nemen het voortouw in het bevorderen van eerlijk en slank, eerlijk en eerlijk en eerlijkheid, en maakt families anti-corruptie-promoters. De bijeenkomst benadrukte dat het land goedkoop is, en het huis is goedkoop, en de thuisstijl is gerelateerd aan het geluk en de toekomst van elk gezin.

Toonaangevende kaders moeten beter zijn dan weten, zich houden aan loyaliteit aan het gezin; de angst kennen, zich houden aan de strikte behandeling; het kennen van de grote moraliteit, hecht aan de zelf-teelt; het kennen van de richting van het huis; Ontbering, aandringen op een ijverig huis; wist echt droog huis.

Toonaangevende Cadres ‘families om het gezin te koesteren, eerlijkheid en goede eerlijkheid te doen; om eerlijk te betalen, eerlijkheid en een goed huis, om eerlijkheid te bevorderen, eerlijkheid doen, eerlijkheid doen, de bewaker van eerlijkheid, duizenden van het goede huis van de familie wordt ondersteund door de hele samenleving. Tijdens de vergadering concentreerden de familieleden zich op het bekijken van de waarschuwing van de "voorwaartse weg".

(Lai Yifeng Huang Pedic) (Editor: Zhang Fang, Huang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

The two comments of the people’s network "Wenyi Work": Cultural prosperity is not brutal growth, chaos must contain

The two comments of the people’s network "Wenyi Work": Cultural prosperity is not brutal growth, chaos must contain

  Recently, Wu Yifan is widely concerned by the public security department by the public security department by the public security department for alleged rape. China Film Association, China Musician Association, China Television Artists Association, China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association, etc., etc. "Dedicating the people in the boutique, using the morality of the style" "Resolutely resist the unfair trend of the literary entertainment industry, and resolutely resist the vocabulary of the illegal person." In recent years, the entertainment industry has been negatively issued. The tax bills, drug abuse, surrogate, malicious speculation, dazzling gold, vulgar and kernels, etc.

  Compared with other industries, the entertainment circle is a more dominated fame and fortune, which is easy to lose. Some people gradually float, forgot this, forgot the initiative, forget the responsibility.

Self-righteousness, there is a fan, you can have no acting, no professionalism. Self-righteousness, there is no nutrition, no art pursue. Self-considering resources, there is traffic, you can have no character, no correct values. As everyone knows, the stars of the virtue are like the air bubble, flying high, and the expansion is big, and it will end. It turns out that the artist has a personality that is easy to stand out, and the taste will be derailed. Behind the chaos, is the quality of the workstore practitioners.

The entertainment circle is a focused economy. It also pays attention to defeat.

Once the unqualified artist is sent to the spotlight, it is difficult to hide the ugly, and they will finally train. For the practitioners, Chongde Shangyi should be the practice of life.

This is the responsibility of making career more and more, and the responsibility of the star as a public figure. It is also necessary to see that artists have devotees, not just the problem of artists.

Capital, economic companies, broadcast platforms, advertisers, etc. form a huge industrial chain, so that artists become a commodity. In order to pursue interests, some industrial chains cater to audience taste, and they have dial to create idols and red, and the flow of fans is food.

In the event of a problem, those who built the waves behind chaos, brainwashing, personal and organizational, malicious circles, and constraints must be constrained for capital strength, industry rules, value directions and social responsibilities.

  A secondary side of the textbook has shown that the star’s radon is never hosted and protect umbrella, whether it is, once it touches the law and moral bottom line, it will will be discontinued by the law.

  In short, cultural prosperity is not barbaric growth, chaos must contain, can’t let the inferior coin expelled.

Since enjoying the benefits of an eye-catching economy, you should accept the review of the audience. The acting circle practitioners should learn to learn to learn, do the play first, use people to talk, and use the work to talk. Only the wind is clear, the industry can develop healthily.

Sanya CBD established the fourth school project party building construction demonstration point

Sanya CBD established the fourth school project party building construction demonstration point

On the morning of November 4, Sanya Central Business District Administration Union Park Project Enterprise Metallurgical Group Sanya Company The opening ceremony, this is also the fourth school building of the fourth park, which is established by Sanya CBD. By implementing the party’s construction and project construction, strive to promote party building in project construction, and add power to Hainan self-trade-out construction .

At the ceremony, the three-party exchanges around the park development, project construction, and party construction and other themes. Signed the "Three-Party Party Construction Agreement", which is unveiled with the "Sanya Central Business District Project Party Construction Demonstration Site". According to the agreement, the three parties will adhere to the basic requirements of the party building as the project construction, and jointly realize the strengths and resources of the party organization, promote business development, and give full play to the grassroots party organization and the majority of party members to promote development, condense the heart, promote harmony. Strive to build a new pattern of "resource sharing, complementary, mutual promotion, joint improvement", comprehensively improve the scientific level of party construction work, and contribute to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

At the meeting, the participants concentrated on the party history learning education video class "China Communist Party of the 100-year-off report", the party’s 100-year theme series micro video "100 years", Sanya Central Business District Administration Party Committee Full-time Deputy Secretary Liu Lan also revolves around the party The study of history "" Reform and Opening and Opening and Opening and Socialist Modern Construction Period, the History of Party History " To carry out, in theoretical contact, enter the park project, the company represents a vivid theme party class. By drawing wisdom and strength from the great struggle of the party, the learning results are transformed into powerful driving force for promoting high quality development in the park.

Since this year, the Party Committee of the Sanya Central Business District Administration is actively responsible for the requirements of the trade port party building, focusing on the important strategic deployment of the central Hainan Free Trade Port, enriched the party building work in the park, and connects the "industry chain" in the "party construction chain". Through the establishment of the joint meeting system of the central party building work, the establishment of the party construction demonstration site creation is promoted to create a new situation in the party construction work of Hainan Free Trade Port Park.

Up to now, there are 11 party committees, 79 party branches, more than 1,800 parties, and have been built in the construction of the project to build a demonstration point. (Intern Chen Shuyi / Text) (Editor: Liu Yang, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

Southeast University deployment launches "two learning and one" learning education

Southeast University deployment launches "two learning and one" learning education

Southeast University deployment to carry out "two studies" learning education April 14, 2016 10:26 Source: Original title: Southeast University Deployment "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education March 31, Southeast University Party Committee Theory The central group held a special conference in the Kowloon Lake Campus, earnestly studying the "Party Committee of the Communist Party of China on Doing a Good Job Party" School Party Regulations, Learning Series Speech, and Doing Qualified Party Members "Notice on the Work of Learning Education.

The meeting was hosted by the Party Secretary. Liu Bo, deputy secretary and vice president of the party committee conveyed the spirit of "Notice".

School leaders Zhang Guangjun, Liu Jingnan, Lin Pinghua, Zheng Jiamao, Shen Wei, Ding Hui, Liu Hongjian participated in the meeting, the party committee office, the principal office, the party committee organizational department, the party committee propaganda department and other departments attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the principal of Zhang Guangjun pointed out that "two schools and one" learning education is one of the recent important tasks of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is an important practice of implementing the party constitution on strengthening party members, facing all party members to deepen the education of the party. Practice, all schools It is necessary to attach great importance to it, actively implement the spirit of "Notice", design rich and diverse carriers and forms, and effectively promote the in-depth development of "two students to do" learning education. He said that through "two learning to do" learning education, further strengthen the construction of grassroots party branch, strengthen the battle of the grassroots party organization and the pioneer effect of party members and students, and maximize the strength of all teachers and students, jointly promote The "double-first" construction of the school.

  Easy Hong Secretary made concrete deployments on the meeting and made specific deployments on the school’s "two studies".

The secretary of Yihong pointed out that "two learning and one" learning education in all party members is to promote the comprehensive development of the party to the grassroots, consolidate the development of the party, and the "three stringent truth". Important reflection, is very important for continuously maintaining the advanced nature and pureness of the Development Party. The secretary of the Red Red Secretary has put forward three points, one is to fully implement the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the Party Committee of the CPC Central Committee on "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education, Combined with the "Double First Class" Construction and Comprehensive Comprehensive Reform Implementation Practice, do a good job in the party members of all party members, learn the party rules, school series, and do qualified party members "to learn education work; Second, through" two learning, "learning education, education guides all party members to insist on learning to promote, based The post is dedicated to the act of serving as a rapid development, characteristics, development, connotation, harmonious development of the school; the third is the implementation of the Party Committee Organization Department to develop the implementation of "two learning and one" learning education. And actively explore and focus on building a long-term mechanism for learning education, and the relevant functional departments should cooperate with the implementation planning, advocacy, and education guidance.

  The leaders of the meeting also talked about the practice of studying the "two learning and one" learning education work.

The cold wave continues to be sent! Southern temperature has come to the bottom of the snowfall center to the northeast

The cold wave continues to be sent! Southern temperature has come to the bottom of the snowfall center to the northeast

  Today (November 8th), the cold wave continues to the south, continuously, and most of the highest temperatures in the south will bottom. The Strong Snowfall Center will be transferred to the Northeast China. The cold wave continues in the south, the highest temperature in the south, the highest temperature falls to the low valley yesterday, the cold wave swept in my country, the wind, cooling, rain and snow.

Monitoring shows, affected by the cold, 05:00, yesterday, yesterday, Huanghuai East, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China and Guizhou, etc. More than 14 ° C; 05 this morning, the temperature of 0 ° C is located in the south of Shandong, and the central part of Henan to southern Shaanxi.

  Today, the cold wave continues to advance towards the south, affecting most parts of the Middle East.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to release the blue warning of the cold wave, which is expected to start from 08:00 to 9 on November 8th, the Eastern Huanghuai, the eastern part of Jianghuai, the southern part of the south, South China, etc., some areas will appear 6 ~ 8 Cooling at ° C, in the eastern part of Shandong, Jiangsu Middle East, Southeast, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian Midwest, Jiangxi East and southern, Guangdong, Guangxi East, etc. And accompanied by 5 ~ 7-level northern wind, gust of 8 ~ 10; after cooling, the lowest temperature is 0 ° C from the north of Susu, the northern part of Hubei, and the lowest temperature in northern China will fall below 10 ° C. In terms of the highest temperature, most of the highest temperatures in the north will fall back, but the temperature is still sluggish; in the eastern part of Huanghuai, Jianghuai, and the south of the Yangtze River will continue to cool down today, and the highest temperature has taken bottom.

Among them, the East China coastal temperature is remarkable, the maximum temperature drop will exceed 10 ° C, in the big city, like Shanghai, Hangzhou yesterday’s highest temperature is still 20 ° C, which will drop to less than 10 ° C.

At the same time, South China will also be affected by the cold wave, the warmth, the maximum temperature dropped to 20 ° C. Although it is just entering the winter and solar terms, this chalk wave makes the Middle Eastern part to in December, even in January.

It is expected that after the end of the cold wave process, most parts of my country will rise slowly, and the temperature in temperature will continue until 10 days. After entering November, most of the temperature will gradually pick up to the normal level of the same period.

  Strong snowfall is transferred to the Northeast China Heilongjiang Jilin Bureau’s special blizzard monitoring, affected by the cold wave, yesterday 08 年 06 年 06 年 06, Huanghuai, the south part of the northeast, there is snowfall, rain and snow or rain Eastern Hebei, Southern Tianjin, Southeastern Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Liaoning Midwest and Liaodong Peninsula, 10 ~ 30mm, Liaoning, etc. In some parts of Fujian, southern Jiangxi, etc.

  Today, the center of Strong Snow will be transferred to the northeast. Since this belt is generated and the movement is slow, under the continuous exchange of warm and warm air, the snowfall in the northeast has long, the snowfall is large, and the rain and snow is complex, or There is a rare extreme snowfall in the same period. To this end, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blizzard orange warning.

In the south, today’s precipitation range will quickly converge, and the sun is gradually online. The Central Meteorological Observatory is expected that in the southeastern part of Inner Mongolia, some areas in the southeastern part of the Northeast China have a snow, including the southeastern part of Inner Mongolia, the northwest of Liaoning, the western part of Jilin, and the southwestern parts of the Southwest Big blizzard, local sky blizzard. In the eastern part of Heilongjiang, in the central and eastern part of Jilin, there were heavy rain in some areas in the southwest of Yunnan.

  Tomorrow, in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, some parts of the Northeast area have small to the snow or rain, including the northeastern inner Mongolia, southern Heilongjiang, south, Northern Jilin, and some areas in the north of Liaoning. Some parts of Heilongjiang Northeast, Southwest Guizhou, and in some areas in the Yunnan Middle East. The meteorological department reminded that the impact of cold wave continued, and the temperature in most parts of my country showed a decline in cliff, and there was a clear rain and snow.

The public needs to pay attention to add clothes, beware of colds; rain and snow weather will cause roads to slip, snow and ice, travel needs to pay attention to traffic safety.

In addition, the snowfall in the eastern part of Northeastern Inner Mongolia has long been long, and the wind and vortex affects the wind and the adverse effects of snowfall and high wind cooling on traffic, daily life.

The wind is rising, the clouds are flying – Changsha High-tech Zone to force Internet Industry Party Building

The wind is rising, the clouds are flying – Changsha High-tech Zone to force Internet Industry Party Building

  Changsha High-tech Zone Internet Industry Party Committee Organization Committee, UNIPUC, launched the theme party day event. (The picture of this article is provided by Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee) Changsha High-tech Zone as one of the top ten national software industry bases in the country and the only "mobile Internet industry gathering area" in Hunan Province. Currently, the park gathers Internet and related enterprises 10729 Home, which is certified 1896 Internet companies.

In 2019, the total output value of the Internet industry was 105 billion yuan. The Internet industry has become a beautiful business card in Changsha and even Hunan. As a garden with the leading industry with over 100 billion, the party work committee of Changsha High-tech Zone is boldly uses the "Internet Thinking and Tool" to grasp the party building, explore innovation, leading to the party, and building industrial chain and trade union construction. For the carrier, the party committee built in the industrial chain, and walked out of an Internet industry (industrial chain) party building.

  Internet Party Construction Network "Red" from the integrated network enterprise to rebuild information, to mobile video social broadcast platform manglegun, from the living service platform 58 to home, to the Internet "New Retail" platform Xing Sheng, from Internet Game Company Grass flower interaction, to the Internet education company Tanzhou education … In recent years, Internet companies have established party organizations in Changsha High-tech Zone to gradually become "burning".

  In Changsha High-tech Zone, the party building awareness of Internet companies is getting stronger, almost every week will apply for the establishment of party organizations. "At present, the high-tech district Internet industry (industrial chain) party committee governs 11 party groups, 155 Internet corporate party organizations, party members, 3,556 people." Jiang Xuelong, Director of Changsha High-tech Zone Party Group Job, told us. Most of the Internet companies are private enterprises, why are they embrace party building? Tan Man, Chairman of Yongxiong Group, has always advocated the "armed cadres and employees with party advanced ideology". In the beginning of the establishment of party organizations, they personally grasp the party construction work, "high goals, high requirements, high starting point" this "three High "as the starting point to promote party building work. Up to now, the Yongxiong Group has 24 parties, 453 party members, and 105 active molecules.

  The company was established in 1996. In 2001, the company established the party branch. In 2011, the party committee was established in March 2019. As the company’s employees were becoming more young, the company’s situation was established. "The development of the company is inseparable from the party’s leadership and guidance, and do a good job in the party building of the private enterprises in the new era.

"President of Tuoscience, I believe that the Internet Party Construction Network" live "up the new Internet enterprises are fast, the architecture is fast, the work is fast, the employee is very young, the flow is fast, the degree is high, and the effect of many traditional party construction work is not satisfactory. In the face of unrequent experience, the Internet companies in Changsha High-tech Zone play the technical advantage, and the party building "net" has a new energetic.

  There is a "red live room" in the mangitarial entertainment, "red anchor" shared to the majority of netizens, not skin care products or clothing, but red stories, party building knowledge, excellent party members.

Xiao Yuxi, deputy secretary of the party branch of the maitrator, is "90", but has been 10 years of party age. "We encourage all party members to take turns to be a ‘red anchor’, incorporating their performance into routine investigation, establish party members a pioneer demonstration post, employee Thoughts and business have improved.

"" Network sign in, the mobile scan code is voted, and the establishment of the General Assembly has completely and efficiently completed the election task. "October 2019, 58 to the family party committee was established. At the establishment meeting, the party organization activities full of Internet era were all praised by young party members." Smart Party Construction ", Big Data Party Construction, Micro Party Building, Party Building, Party Building, Party Building + Live "New Practices, etc.

  In Hunan Jing.com, the party construction series has been integrated into the talent cultivation system. "MOOC Training Class" online learning professional courses, the establishment of the competitive network universities established by the Talent Development Center Committee of Hunan Jingjing Branch, existing industry knowledge system training courses, and "enterprise practical project" practice, and system party construction courses .

  The Internet Party Construction Network "Chain" starts in the party building of the Internet industry in Changsha High-tech Zone, "firmly mastering the initiative of the Internet Party Construction and the right to speak" is not an empty talk.

It is understood that since 2015, since the six consecutive years, Changsha High-tech Zone has been based on the "No. 1 Document", and through the "No. 1 Document", the flag orientation of the corporate (industry), one year.

Jiang Xuelong introduced, for the Internet industry (industrial chain), Changsha High-tech Zone Party Work Committee to create a new party organization, "putting the party committee in the industrial chain" Development, I have an Internet industry (industrial chain) party construction.

  The party building instructors and the assistant contacts are the party committees of the Internet industry of Changsha High-tech Zone to promote the party building guidance, and solve the two "grips" of enterprise problems. Zheng Wufang is a party building instructor of the party committee of Changsha High-tech Zone. He found that the company was not well understood in the work of the party members. It attaches insufficient attention. It is not strict. It is not strict. In the development of party members, there is no regulation of party membership materials, and the application for the party will understand the skin, and the identification materials are not in-depth, non-objective and development procedures. After walking, after the festival, the first time, the first time is guided, and the development of the party members will be detailed in detail, and 25 steps are performed, standardize the development of party members’ links and time nodes, requiring companies to persist in the development of party members. " , Optimize structure, improve quality, and play a role. After Zheng Wufang’s careful guidance, the company truly in the development of party membership, the mobilization, the action, and the management is strict.

  Loowing is a resident liaison person in the grass flower interaction. He learned that the company believes that the company believes that the second phase of the China Power Garden is significantly higher than that of the surrounding park, and after aggravating the burden of enterprise employee, In terms of the situation, the situation will be reported to the superior sector, and the other aspect is actively coordinated with the Information Industrial Park Management Committee and the second phase of the property company, and convened a special symposium with the corporate corporate representatives, fully listening to the opinions and suggestions of both parties, solved this A problem, got a praise from the company.

  The Internet Party Construction Network "Strong", the party building is the productive force, and it is a cohesive force. In April this year, Hunan praised 10 Internet corporate party organizations that have made outstanding contributions in epidemic prevention and control work, including 9 seats in Changsha High-tech Zone. Jiang Xuelong introduced that in the case of the domestic mask, the party committee of the Changsha High-tech Zone Internet industry has purchased 18 platforms or enterprises such as Hunan Enterprises, the Hunan Chamber of Commerce, and the United Arab Emirates, and the company can purchase thousands of masks around the world. After the outbreak of foreign epidemic, more than 10 enterprises or associations such as Aks, Mingkang Zhongjin, donated 39 countries and regions such as Italy, Spain, Japan. The dividend of party building is released, and Internet companies are pleased.

In July 2019, Stewivi Information became Huawei’s Lingyun partner, the main production of new "Xiangsheng" brand servers and PCs.

In the case of the working time, the task is heavy, the situation is complicated, and Xiao Pre.

Soon, Wang Zhiyu, Party Member of the Denovation Information Comprehensive Party Branch, was adjusted to the project group. Wang Zhiyu said that from the preparation to delivery, Tuiti used only 120 days to refresh the "Changsha Speed" again. "Changsha High-tech Zone creates a ‘red core chain’ to entribute industry chain in the Internet thinking, leading high quality development, the more enterprises, the more the industry is more, the more the brand is more and more, the party is getting more and more stronger. Next step, Will further develop the functional advantages of the industry (industrial chain) party committee, compaction work responsibility, continue to implement the ‘benchmark lead’ plan, and further do the implementation of the industry (industrial chain) party building, promoting higher quality development. "Changsha High-tech Zone Shi Qingnian, secretary of the Party Work Committee, said. (Yang Wei Wang is Wei Wang Wei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).

Ru Review CBA: Guangdong "Snow Charcoal" Shougang Laughing

Ru Review CBA: Guangdong "Snow Charcoal" Shougang Laughing

  China Youth Daily, Beijing, November 6th (Zhongqing News, Zhongqing Net Reporter Yang Wei) After losing to the Fujian men in a more embarrassing manner, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team has fallen into this season. The dilemma, but did not expect that "the charcoal" in the snow is the defending champion Guangdong men’s basketball – 91: 67, a great victory makes the first steel men’s basketball team ended three-game streak. Li Muhao completed the burst.

Visual China is out of the map, this is not the normal level of the Guangdong men’s basketball team, or even normal lineup configuration – the main coach Du Feng will press Hu Mingxuan on the bench, and the player of the game is also like a dream tour, especially In the defensive end, there is a unable to attache the attack, and let the first steel men’s basketball team will attack.

In the game, the Shougang men’s basketball team sent 30 assists and grab 16 offensive rebounds.

Guangdong men’s basketball team only played some momentum in the third section, the audience was forced and quickly converted to the Shougang men’s basketball team, but at other times, the attack and defensive both endlessly. The Shougang men’s basketball team played its own level.

In the past three games, especially in the contest in the HMB, the first steel men’s basketball team has problems. Today, today and powerful defending champions, how to maintain the focus of the game, and the attack and defensive should have The intensity is particularly important. So in the competition, everyone saw Li Muhao’s domineering dunk, saw Fanzi Ming Decipit, and of course, there is also a team basketball with excellent defense and multi-pass.

  New and old two generations of center.

Visual China’s view will be greatly happy, but after laughing, it cannot be inevitated the hard level of the next game.

Liu Weiwei, the Zhejiang men’s basketball team, currently has become the first, Wu Qi, Wang Yubo, Cheng Shuai, the speed of the three wins and 1 loss, and the height of Yu Jiahao will make huge trouble to the first steel men’s basketball team.

Don’t forget, in the first confrontation in both parties, Zhejiang men’s basketball team wins at 96:73. Editor in charge: Cao Jing.

Training agencies "reform and reform" registration must be inverted

Training agencies "reform and reform" registration must be inverted

Original title: Training agency "Rank Reform Non" Registration To reverse the work period (Reporter Leaga) Education Department School Foreign Education and Training Supervision Department, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Organization Administration, the Registration Bureau of the Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice yesterday, requiring all parts Focusing on the obligational education stage subjects, the discovery of non-profit institutions are unified as non-profit organizations, inverting construction, refining tasks, clear timetables, roadmaps, and be sure to complete registration work before this year.

  Notice points out that the "reform and reform" of the school training institution is a basic job of "double minus". It is related to the implementation of the discipline training to implement the government’s guide price charge policy, which is related to the efficiency of the training institution’s illegal listing cleanup remediation. Strictly control the work of excessive capital excessive training institutions, it is necessary to pay highly to ensure that the task is completely completed without discount.

  The notice emphasizes that this work must be inserted during the schedule, and the local training institutions are required to be registered as the total amount of tuning work of non-profit institutions, establish a work desk account, firmly grasp the time node of the registration work before 2021, Duration, refining tasks, clear timetable, road map, implement wall chart operation, with the goal of pressing progress, time recall, supervising down, ensuring that registration work is completed as scheduled.

Prior training institutions should suspend enrollment and charging before completing non-profit organizations.

For existing training institutions that have not been selected as non-profit institutions, the deadline should be set, the date expire, and the education department will end the qualification or adjustment of the school according to law. At the same time, it is optimized. All localities should continue to optimize the renewal, registration and changes, and the "reform of the non-" registration work process. First, apply for a new certificate. The existing line-in-line profit training institution applies to the original examination and approval authority to renew the new school license, and pay attention to the license of running schools; after regular examination and approval according to law, after re-issue new school license, timely logout or change the original school license .

  The second is to apply for non-profit organization registration.

According to the Interim Regulations of the Private Non-Enterprise Unit Registration Management, the business license for the existing line-in-profit training institutions, and apply for the legal person of the registered private non-enterprise units to the same level civil affairs department, and the civil affairs department shall strictly review registration according to law. The third is to change business scope or logout registration.

The school license examination and approval authority should inform and urge training agencies from 7 working days from the date of running the school license or change, apply for a change of business license management or cancellation registration, and promptly inform results in time.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Rendering of Naturally Rendering Mu Us Sandland

Rendering of Naturally Rendering Mu Us Sandland

Frame photo left picture: In August 1998, Jingbian County, Yulin City, Guo Chengwang, took Zeng Sun, in the desert. The hope of the old man is: the child’s grandchildren planting trees, until the desert has become an oasis; the right picture: May 22, 2020 Tree, to visitors the scene of the tree.

In 1984, Guo Chengwang contracted 10 kilometers away from home, led the whole family to eat in the sandy house of the sand, and put green clothes for the million acres of desert. Today, his family’s annual ecological compensation and the forest economic income are more than 40 million yuan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming Mai Su Suisha is one of the four major sands in my country, with a total area of ??10,000 square kilometers, one-third of which is in the first line of Changcheng, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. In Yulin, the tree is a belief. The people of Yulin and the vast desert and the ruthless winds and sands have been difficult to fight, and they wrote a shackle music of the sky, and they have emerged as Niu Yushen, Shi Guangyin, Guo Chengwang, Zhang Yinglong and Yulin Bond River Women’s militia A large number of advanced characters and collectives represented, these "heroes" use actions to explain the spirit of "not afraid of difficult, dare fighting, dancing, and innovation".

After the unremitting efforts of the Yulin people, 8.6 million mu of Sands in the territory were effectively governed to create a green miracle of "Lin Jin Sand". On April 22 this year, the Shaanxi Forestry Bureau issued data, and the governance rate of Sandhua land in Yulin City has reached the rate. This means that Mao Su Sosemat is about to withdraw from Shaanxi layout, marking the northern part of the "life restricted area" to "Sutra Oasis" Reverse.

Green Water Qingshan is both natural wealth and is an economic wealth.

After governance, Mao Su Sanda has begun to return to people to people, industries and social benefits.

The outer circumference of the central city of Yulin City has built more than 100 kilometers of the ring ecotropic circle. The city has built 16 city forest parks based on Yulin Sandy Forest Park; at the highway, national road, provincial road and railway along the railway, river coast, reservoir The surrounding green gallery is more than 2,000 kilometers.

In 2019, Yulin City was awarded the title of "National Forest City" by the National Greening Committee, National Forestry and Grassland. Under the shelter of a good ecological protection barrier, the four major leading industries of "Grass, Sheep, Jujube, and Potato" in Yulin City have grown. At present, the city’s various economic forests reached 4 million mu, and the architecture has a unique economic forest fruit industry owner framework, which has driven planting, aquaculture, processing industry and ecotourism development. Yulin City has come out of an ecological priority, the harmonious development of the people, the modern characteristics of major agriculture, large ecological industries and energy industries have become the main force of the rapid rise in the local economy. Frame photo: In 1974, the river Women’s militia ruled in the sand and pitted the willow (data photos); the information photo); Connect.

For more than 40 years, the Yue River Women’s militia governance has been in the leadership of 14, and more than 380 girls go to successively push more than 800 seats, and create 35 wind-resistant sand forest.

Today, the river Women’s militia govern the forest, and the ecotourism is carried out.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming took a photo of Yulin City, Yulin, Yulin, Yulin, Yulin City, was taken on June 4 (drone photo). The Yuli River, the green tree is located, showing the beauty of "Sutra Forest City".

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Mingcai photo: 2003 On the day, Zhang Yinglong is observing the growth of longan lepidue fruit. In 2003, Zhang Yinglong accumulated the tens of thousands of acres in Mao Su Sose, began to scientifically afforestate and governing sand. Nowadays, the full-eyed plantation has covered the past desert, the living environment of the surrounding people has improved, "the money bag" also drums.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiaoying photo Photo: In July 1998 On May 30, 2020, Shi Guangyin got a wild chicken in the forest.

He led the villagers in the 250,000-mu sand in the way with joint households.

At present, his governance subsidies in the Jasper Group Co., Ltd. have more than 34 million yuan in the forest economy (Xinhua News Agency Liu Xiao). Frame photo: Spring 1985, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Yulin City, Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, a family photo of Niu Junqin walking on the sand.

Xinhua News Agency (Tian Jie); figure below: On May 23, 2020, Niu Yuqin (left) and his son Zhang Liqiang at the pine forest grafted successful grafting twice ago. Niu Yuqin led the whole family to heal 110,000 mu, and now, their own ecological compensation and the forest economic income reached more than 800,000 yuan (Xinhua News Agency Journalist Tao Ming).

Zhenbei Taiwan, the northern suburbs of Yulin City witnessed the reversal of Mao Su Sand from Huang Green and the change of Yulin City (March 24th, drone photos).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming took the villagers in Gu Tao Town, Yuyang District, Yulin City, in Irrigation Farmland (Machine Photographs on May 26). Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming’s photo of Yulin City High-tech Development Zone (May 26). More than 20 years ago, it was all naked sand dunes.

Xinhua News Agency, Tao Ming took the new home of Huangjia Yuxi Village, Yulin City, Yulin City, took this morning (May 26, drone photos).

Today, Yulin Township, it is difficult to find the cave in the traditional impression, replaced by modern new villages and new houses. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming took the technical staff of a potato-raising base in Dingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, view potato seedlings in the group culture room (photo of May 30).

In recent years, the fixed-edge potato has embarked on the development of a variety of cultivation, intensive, standardization, and specialization, and better promoted the quality improvement and production of local potato industries and increased market competitiveness.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Wei took the national level to protect animal lies on the red alkali-bouquet of flying (photographs on May 28). Red alkali in Shenmu City, Shaanxi is my country’s largest desert freshwater lake. In recent years, with the improvement of ecological environment in the surrounding ecological environment, the water level of red alkali is increased year by year, and the water area is constantly expanding. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming took the national level to protect animal lies on the red alkali-bouquet of flying (March 28). Red alkali in Shenmu City, Shaanxi is my country’s largest desert freshwater lake. In recent years, with the improvement of ecological environment in the surrounding ecological environment, the water level of red alkali is increased year by year, and the water area is constantly expanding.

Xinhua News Agency, Tao Ming took a group of chicken geese walks in the apricot forest in Zhaojiayu Village, Guhai Town, Yulin City, Yulin City (photographs on April 7).

The local masses develop the economic economy while developing apricot industries and has achieved remarkable results. Xinhua News Agency, Tao Ming, the villagers of Yangwan Village, Yuebao County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, was prepared to send a large shed celery, ready to be sent to the Gansu Market (March 29).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Wei was surrounded by Green, Yulin City, Jingbian County, Southwest Noodle, Southwest Nagae, March 30, drone photos. The Wancourse is a city site in the Xiongnu, once buried under the desert, now there is a "desert famous". Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiao Xiangxukou waterfall gradually evolved (February 25, drone photos). Returning farmland returning forests, banned, energy structure changes, etc. Xinhua News Agency, Tao Ming, the masses in Dongke Town, Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, in picking a large shed tomato (March 29). Dongkeng Town has now become an important vegetable production base in the northwest. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Wei took a rural road to the Yulin City, and the rural road achieved green trees (March 26 photos).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Ming took the red alkali of Shaanxi Province (March 28th, drone photos).

Red alkali is my country’s largest desert freshwater lake. In recent years, with the improvement of the ecological environment in the surrounding ecological environment, the water level of red alkali is increased year by year, and the water area is expanding.

Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei, March 30, the staff of the stone beam farm of Shili Sha Village, Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province, in the cultured cattle.

As the ecology is improved, the trees that can be eaten by the livestock have been well grown well, and the aquaculture industry has gradually expanded.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Wei photo.