Tianjin Dongjiang: "Good Law Good Governance" escort industry development and rule of law

Tianjin Dongjiang: "Good Law Good Governance" escort industry development and rule of law

In recent years, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area has surrounded the state, Tianjin business environment evaluation index system, for the lack of technical and innovation as the soul, to solve the problem, to create a marketization, the rule of law First-class business environment of chemical, international and convenientization.

From this year from January to May, in the initiative of various optimized business environment, the rule of control is highlighted.

Dare to try, trial innovation of the leading industry to develop the intellectual property finance rental rental new financing model of Dongwan to obtain high concern from all walks of life, but the legal practice of intangible asset finance leasing standards is a legal practice of this industrial innovation The real problem of development. In order to solve this problem, the Division of the Division of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area and the Judicial Department will jointly explore, the lead in the pilot of the Binhai New District based on the trademark, patent, copyright intangible asset financing rental business, build a multi-party communication platform of the government, enterprise, and judicial organs. Accumulate the supervision experience of relevant business compliance; Joint Dongjiang Financing Leasing Center Tribunal conducts special research on intangible asset financing leases, creative proposes invisible asset finance leasing trial guidance, providing theoretical guidance for judicial referee. On March 24th, Dongjiang Rental Tribunal was pronounced in Tianjin’s first case of intangible asset finance lease contract disputes, and the multi-sector of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Region and the Court and the Court of Extended Phase Decision. In addition to the form of judgments, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of financing rental industries to provide strong legal support and adequate innovation, and once again provide innovative demonstration case models for the overall development of the national rental industry.

Multiple governance, maintenance of judicial, law-abiding, the rule of law, the rule of law on May 8, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Region Management Committee and the New District Court officially signed the unveiled center of Dongjiang diversified disputes, based on Dongjiang Industrial Characteristic Setup Mediation, arbitration, notarization, and litigation, the first batch of five legal service professional institutions and corresponding commercial "media" have been stationed or employed, and it will provide "all the way" legal and commercial services, international arbitration , Notarization and smart survival, financial field mediation and arbitration and other one-stop high-quality professional legal services featuring financing leases, providing multi-dispute resolution for enterprises, and is expected to deliver 40% for court cases.

At the end of May, the Ministry of Division of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Dongjiang Bonded Hong Kong District, the main trade union organized the "Migrant Workers Wage Payment Guarantee" training meeting, inviting all from the construction of the project to participate in the project, focusing on the principle, focusing on Enterprises In implementing the common misunderstandings in labor security laws and regulations such as Labor Contract Law and other labor security laws and regulations such as labor security laws and regulations, further clarifying the statutory obligations of various types of construction, construction or labor subcontracting in protecting the salary of migrant workers. Responsibility, standardize the legal use of enterprises, and provide a practical rule of law for migrant workers no longer "discuneration". Improve the system, leading Dongjiang Yinghang Environment "better solution" rule of law Process May 10 Environmental first-class indicators and government environment, market environment, rule of law environment, human environment 4 dimensions, proposing 28 key tasks in Dongjiang 2021, 121 specific reform measures, and focus on the annual business environment optimization core target To do practical things for the enterprise, providing new movements for Dongjiang emerging industries, and focusing on building a full life cycle service chain. " The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Dongjiang Bondang District said that the next step, Dongjiang will continue to adhere to the "rule of law, is the best business environment" this business environmental construction concept, build "judicial justice, system improvement, market system is perfect The government environmental system of government functional structure is superior and organizational security mechanism, and inserted the "Rule of Law" wings for Dongjiang high quality development. (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

The Yangtze River Delta City Party Newspaper Association was established in Huzhou

The Yangtze River Delta City Party Newspaper Association was established in Huzhou

Original title: The Yangtze River Delta City Party News Cooperation Union was established from Huzhou from August 27 to 29, from Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei and other long triangle city party newspaper, nearly 80 representatives gathered Huzhou, established the Yangtze River Delta City Party News Collaboration Union, The first concentrated interview activity of the United States "Changda City Party Newspaper Looking at Huzhou". The delegates walked into the county district of Huzhou, using a pen and the lens to record the moving story of the beautiful butterfly in Huzhou, explore the micro-shadow of the green mountains.

Deqing County Qianyuan Town, Luido Town and Yu Yue Town have also been awarded the Practice Base of the Yangtze River Delta City Party News.

Daiqing County Luoido Town, Dongbao Village, Hong Kong, Xiwu, Village, quiet and beautiful.

Who once thought that this is originally a mineral village, 13 mine enterprises in the Dingsheng period, with an annual opening of more than 10 million tons.

The opening of the intensive wealth accumulated in the development of entrepreneurship, but also made the ecological environment seriously damage.

In these years, the Eastern Heng Village is leading the concept of "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", actively promotes the reclamation of abandoned miners, completing the central village collection, adding green landscape, improve the village living environment, and vigorously inheriting painting and calligraphy Culture, build a piano innovation industrial park.

In 2019, the collective economic income of East Heng Village reached 25.76 million yuan. The metamorphosis of the East Heng Village is amazing.

As the "Green Water Qingshan is the" Green Shan Yinshan "concept, the gains and take the lead in practice, the beautiful villages on Huzhou Dadi are beautiful and colorful. Into the Yuyu Village, Tianzhiping Town, Anji County, and the rainless rain can’t live the enthusiasm of tourists in the Yangtze River. The "green water mountains of the village is the monument of Jinshan Yinshan" monument, and the people taking pictures are endless. Abandoning the development model of destroying the ecology, Yu Village relying on green mountains and green hills, the rural tourism is full of long triangles. Last year, Yu Village realized the village collective income of 5.21 million yuan.

In Wu Xing District Beauty Town, Radiation Effect, Ioli, etc., and the "Government + Enterprise + Industry" linkage, the small town innovation industry, focusing on cosmetics and related supporting industries, and constructing the whole industry dominated by cosmetics production. chain.

At present, the beauty town has accumulated 106 cosmetics and related enterprises, gathered global high-end beauty projects, and became an important engine that promoted local economic transformation. The Dream Paradise of Taihu Dragon Dragon Dragonfly, who is in Changxing County, the ecological environment and diversified play experience of the back of the mountain, is deeply favored by the long triangle.

In just four years, this billion-in-Shanghai-funded project has become "star" in Nanhuohu Lake, Huzhou.

"Through Huzhou’s vigorous vitality and unlimited possibilities, the huge potential and space of the long triangle high quality integration." The consortium member units have said that they hope to plan more major reported topics in the regular basis, publicize interaction, interaction Together, we will build a joint force of the Yangtze River Delta Cooperative Competence with the Higher Quality Integration Development of the Yangtze River Triangulation. (Editor: Wang Lizhen, Zhang Liwei).

The country’s first creation! Huzhou industrial carbon effective code is promoted in the province of Zhejiang

The country’s first creation! Huzhou industrial carbon effective code is promoted in the province of Zhejiang

  In the country, the "Carbon Disease Code" is proposed, and the first industrial carbon platform in the country is established, and it has become the only industrial carbon effect intelligent target ("carbon effect code") in the province. Requirements, focusing carbon-backed carbon neutral and strategy, bold innovation, active exploration, and efforts to go out of a government active, green and low-carbon development roads that consciously participate in the country, to achieve carbon-backed carbon in carbon-carbon and make Huzhou exploration and contribution.

  "At present, Huzhou completed more than 3,700 industries in the city, the carbon-effective label of the company’s carbon efficiency logo is full coverage. We have a green finance, green technological change, green factory evaluation, green electricity transaction, ‘acre on hero reform’, etc. , Rapid application of evaluation results, have achieved certain results, creating a departmental synergy, industry precision control carbon, and enterprises take the initiative to botherumarize.

"The person in charge of the Huzhou Provincial Secret Bureau said that the next step in Huzhou will continue to deepen, accelerate the exploration practice, extend to the province, extend to other industries, promote industrial green low carbon transformation, and build a" no difference town "building, green A greater contribution is made by the company. The industrial carbon activity code introduces data for the major energy varieties of enterprises and the conversion consumption and other data. According to the integrated analysis of industrial carbon platform, the industries, the regional measurement of total carbon emissions data. Jointly established carbon Effective intelligent counterbody system, surrounding the level of carbon emissions, carbon utilization efficiency, carbonization, carbon, dynamic stereo to enterprise "carbon portrait", forming a "carbon efficiency" integrating three identifications Code ". And innovate" Enterprise Code + Carbon Disease "two-yard fusion, open" carbon effect code "in the" Code "area, realize the company’s carbon efficiency query" one yard ".

The 25 key projects of the "cloud signing" of the two rivers and the new area were 46.3 billion yuan.

The 25 key projects of the "cloud signing" of the two rivers and the new area were 46.3 billion yuan.

"Cloud Sign" site. Zou Lewen People’s Network Chongqing August 18th (Chen Qi, Liu Min) 2021 Zhishui will open on August 23.

On the 18th, Chongqing Qijiang New District held a key project "Cloud Signing" activity in Zhibo, with a total of 25 total contracts, with a total amount of 46.3 billion yuan. According to reports, 25 projects involve electronic information, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, new energy, biomedical, high-end service industry, etc. Big data intelligent innovation has a deep development, and it is better to make a chain of industrial chain. Chongqing Daxie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. took the lead in successfully developing a COP process in the global video chip package industry, and the packaging efficiency was 3 times compared to traditional processes, and the test efficiency was increased by 4-20 times. The desired manual decreased by 4 times. The COP project landed in the two rivers and new districts will invest 1.2 billion yuan, build 30 COP seal test lines, form an annual output of more than 1 billion camera chip production capacity, and the largest image sensor high-end optical chip package of exceeding 10 billion yuan. Further improve the Chongqing chip industry chain. Focusing in the industry chain upstream, deep excavation enterprise potential, Guanjie, Jingdong and other leading enterprises also add code two rivers and new districts, new investment billions of backlight modules apply hot press light guide board projects will build production bases in the new district. Eight-dimensional Southwest Wisdom Parking Industry Table Project will revolve around the city-level parking resources in Southwest China, build a wisdom travel ecological industry ecotry circle, etc. in the two rivers. It is understood that in this signature project, it is not lacking the landmark leader projects such as headquarters base, regional center, and research and development center. It can play the leading industry chain gathering effect in the leading lead. For example, Sinwes, Southwest Center, will establish an operation center and R & D center, in the deployment of industrial Internet platforms in the two rivers, electronic, equipment manufacturing, combined with industrial enterprises, iterative development intelligent analysis, intelligent prediction and process renovation upgrade The ability to apply, relying on the self-developed video super resolution, image content creation and other technologies, providing intellectual ecological support for HD industrial development. In addition, Zejing Electronics will invest 800 million yuan, set up Zejing Electronics Southwest Region Headquarters and wearable product business in the two rivers New Zone; Oufes Group Headquarters project will be empowered for the procurement needs of the market entity; Investing 400 million yuan to build the Southwest Center, through the development and application of enterprise-class twins, integrate into Chongqing industrial Internet ecosystem; focusing on educational information system research and development innovation technology, Yunqi will set up headquarters in the two rivers New Zone. "This Zhibo will sign a project is a centralized display of our industrial chain investment." The relevant person in charge of China New District Merchants Group said that the two rivers and new districts will continue to focus on the development chain of the new district industry, constantly forging the growth plate, make up the short board, closely combined with the new area industry The ribbon, "chain long system" deployment, focusing on industry chain tricks, continuously promoting high quality development of industries towards depth.

Quantang Street, Changsha County: Garbage classification and more fun, children’s heart experience entertaining

Quantang Street, Changsha County: Garbage classification and more fun, children’s heart experience entertaining

People’s Network Changsha on July 20th, the promotion of garbage sorting team, established the "Party Member Environmental Service Team" to carry out garbage classification volunteer activities, to create a garbage classification demonstration community … garbage classification publicity form, new ideas and new method layers continue to emerge The participation rate of residents’ environmental protection awareness rate is significantly improved.

"Children, everyone wants to become a small-sized classifier in the home, is the campus environmental protection small guards?" Recently, Quantang Street City Management Service Center United Squi Qun Community, Hunan Jinlong Sanitation Co., Ltd., in the jurisdiction, primary school students in Quantang Park Carry out the theme publicity activities of "New Fashion and Children to Party to Party".

First of all, the children carry out the "" event in the runway, packets on the garbage four-class runway to pick out the cards corresponding to the runway, children chasing me, according to the classified knowledge of usual accumulation, quickly identify the representative Different garbage cards. In the subsequent "you painted me guess" link, two people divided into a group, one of the people described a table tennis that represents garbage from the winner box, and another person guess the name of the item, then classify; With both collaborative capabilities, it can check the knowledge reserves of garbage classification.

After the event, the staff detail in detail in the game process, due to the incorrect incorrect classification, until everyone completely understands. "This activity is not only interesting, but also learns a lot of knowledge.

"The children have said that they are still unfinished.

Through this activity, cultivate the environmental awareness of children, develop a good habit of garbage classification, reaching a child to drive a family, affecting a community’s purpose, calling for everyone to act, to fight for garbage classification advocates and actors , Boost garbage classification.

Next, Quantang Street will continue to enrich the form of garbage classification activities, take measures, promote garbage sort into the community, enter the school, enter the campus, etc., strengthen the "party members’ environmental volunteer" team, vigorously carry out garbage classification knowledge preaching, etc. "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities. (Su Jun Liuyuting) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Royal Song Dynasty, Song Duo, Phase I:

Royal Song Dynasty, Song Duo, Phase I:

  Shanghai November 5 (Reporter Chen Jing) "Song Duoyufu Lan Ting – One of the Pavilion" is now in Shanghai. The reporter learned that in the "Song Duo Yufu Lan Ting – One of the" Song Du ", the discovery, Hidden Value" Academic Salon, Shanghai University Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Chen Yimei, China Academy of Fine Arts Dr. Sun Tian, ??Tian Zhenyu, and the book and painting memorial appreciation of the family Wanjun Chao jointly explored the important research value of the Lanting.

The monument is appreciated by the Wanjun Chao. This piece can be determined to be the "son" of the Dingwu Lan Ting, and in the first Royal House, the five Lantings are best, "Basically roughly maintained the decoration of the Jinwangfu, the original state preservation Very good, this can be seen in the market, it is a blessing. "It is like being one of the people in the Southern Song", "in the Ming Dynasty. The completed, each ten kinds, the future generation is called the Pavilion.

The debut of "Song Duo Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Pavilion" is the first piece of tourism.

  It is reported that there is almost all of the Tanji secret records of Jinan, which have been seen so far.

In the Jinfu, Zhao Menglin, who was heavy, the blue paper in the roll, the blue paper in the volume, the Jinfu Tibetan print and the seam screen "Zhao Meng Lin" is the Significant Features of the Jinfu collection and heavy.

Enter the Qing Dynasty, Sun Chengze "Gengzi Said Summer", Hu Shi’an "禊" Tour Pavilion.

  Chen Yimei, a professor, Shanghai University, Shanghai University, said that this "Song Duoyu Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Tour Pavilion" is called the standard parts of Pai Lanting, and the most important feature is that Song Gaozong Zhao is also Book Shaoxing First, August 14th, "Time is equivalent to now 890 years ago (AD 1131), this clear publication is extremely rare in all engraved Lantings, it is estimated that it is also the only boutique year in Tour. One.

"Dr. Tian Zhenyu, the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, believes that every topography is not repetitive, with unsubstituted significance, high art and literature value in calligraphy and history. Chen Yimei point out that" Song Duoyu Lanting – One of the proudlands "can be very clear to the second generation of Wu Lan Ting", in order to infer the true appearance of De Lan Ting, the important value is self-evident.

  Lu Dadong, deputy director of the Modern Calligraphy Research Center of China Academy of Fine Arts, believes that from the perspective of the current generation of Lanting works, Wang Xizhi’s "Lanting order" is not only a pearl of Chinese traditional culture, but also a cultural phenomenon, its value is far Super general calligraphy works, and the topography of Lanting is equivalent to "bordering".

Lu Dadong said that every branch is born, inheriting the mission of Lanting culture, especially this "Song Duoyu Yufu Lan Ting – One of the Lan Dangli", confirming the legend about the Lan Ting, is also the Pai Lanting A glimpse of the heavy color. In the interview, the reporter learned that from the perspective of historical research, "Song Duoyu Fa Lanting – One of the Toy Lanli" is the Song Dynasty, and rare. In-depth research, the prEN game, you can solve the problem, such as Dingwu Lanting in the Southern Song Dynasty, leading from Yamotang, 颍 上,, 兰 兰 兰,, Wu Yan Lanting poetry, etc. is important cultural relic value, version value and artistic value .


The main body of the Guangdong market exceeded 15 million households account for about 110

The main body of the Guangdong market exceeded 15 million households account for about 110

Original title: Guangdong market main body exceeded 15 million households in Guangdong market exceeded 15 million! According to the data of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, as of November 3, Guangdong has a total of 10,000 market mains, accounting for 1/10 of the country, and has a steady country.

Among them, all kinds of enterprises, accounting for about 1/7 of the country; individual industrial and commercial households, accounting for about 1/12 in the country. The jump of the market main body is inseparable from the continued efforts of Guangdong in the reform of commercial institutions. Guangdong first opened the national commercial system reform Qianhe, in 2012, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan, Shunde District launched a reform pilot of the commercial system, implemented the "first-rate post), registered capital," Reform, such as multi site.

2014 "Guangdong Experience" has been promoted nationwide.

  At present, Guangdong has implemented enterprises to start "a table application, one day to complete", and the province’s starting enterprise procedure is reduced from 14 reforms to 1, and the time is compressed from 35 working days to 1 working day.

Guangzhou Nansha explores the reform of the purchase of business registration and confirmation, the first to implement the "Commitment System" of the taxation in the country, the enterprise "inward" and mandatory cancellation, cracking clear, and difficult problems.

  Admission is the procurement, and the enterprise is reduced. Guangdong has also vigorously promotes "photo failure" and simplified approval, and take the lead in achieving full coverage of "license separation" reform province, implementing the full coverage list of foreign-related business licensing matters in the province.

Promoting the reform of "a photo" involved in the approval service, realizing the "one application, parallel approval, limited time to the relevant business license", and promoting the efficiency of licensing approval quality.

  The reform of commercial institutions has effectively promoted the innovation of the public, which greatly stimulates the market subjectivity. In 2021, Guangdong Province has 53 enterprises per thousand people (according to the resident population), the average new market entity is 7521. The market main body in the province has increased several times before 2012, and the average increases by nearly 20% per year. "The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration will establish the concept of ‘large market, big quality, and great supervision’, and promote the integration and rules of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay Areas, accelerate the advancement of the former Hai-Shenzhen and Hong Kong cooperation and Hengqin Guangdong and Australia Development and opening up, promoting the reform of the Guangdong commercial system continues to deepen, continue to walk in the forefront of the country, to help the market main body, the vitality is full, providing a solid support for steady growth. "The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Authority said.

(Reporter / Bin Hongxia Correspondent / Guangdong Monitorium) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu) Share let more people see.

The stove is combined! Tourism "Kitak" accumulated 223 military camps

The stove is combined! Tourism "Kitak" accumulated 223 military camps

Military name kitchen, grass, grass, kitchen! It is warm to warm the grassroots, and improve the effectiveness of the food and protective equipment. The supply bureau of the Lianqin has issued a "big action" military place kitchen plateau, down the hill ditch, the whistle, pay attention to the face-to-face counseling, hand handle taught one The food "all the way", the grass, the grassy military camp 1 sit down, put the plan to do a good activity to have a good activity, the grassroots coordination plan, up and down links to discuss the content, organize division of labor, and implement the steps Requirement, layer compact responsibility "Working training in the same piece) It is necessary to go to the top, but also the quality of the quality, but also to seriously realize the theory and skill training "two-handed" to ensure that the grass-king of the dish is loved, and it is easy to process the production of chef "professional classes", teaching the cooking theory practice The variety of enrich the dishes must also personally try the big kitchen to lectone to do the side to make a hand hand, the guide is to teach 3 to maintain the safety provincial food sector on the tip of the tongue, the grain supply station grain and oil experts "appeared" lecture the military and oil supply standard level identification, Basic knowledge such as daily storage and processing, improve the business capability of the camptographic personnel, ensure the benefits of military food, ensure the safety of the military, food, the food and oil knowledge series, everyone is doing a hand-held dish 4 gives the "soldier teaching" exhibition, all the joint service, the competition center, the competition, the training The backbone has arrived as a "military teaching" as a "soldier head" as a "soldier teaching", they gave a field for the training personnel to use and maintain the skill of the equipment equipment, the soldiers of the soldiers, the training soldiers interactive effect MAX wild cooking equipment is complete, no longer " It’s hard to make a martial arts "field" field "field" field, the exemplary ", you are waiting, we will go to the door to identify some of the cooking people to have a long time to take off from the frontline work, inseparable, not, participate in training and identification cannot achieve corresponding qualifications In the case of activities, they actively organize the professional skills identification of the grassroots officers and soldiers are warmth and warmth. It has built a "digital" canteen relying on the front of the scientific and technological smart platform, the smart kitchen smart supervision, the wisdom restaurant model is all arranged in the near future, everyone can feel the intelligent interactive system, the canteen also caught up with the food made of modern cooking robots, you want to taste A taste.

The national compulsory tree is more than 17.5 billion trees in 40 years.

The national compulsory tree is more than 17.5 billion trees in 40 years.

  The accumulated 17.5 billion people participated in the tree planting of more than 78 billion strains. Today, on December 13, 1981, the fourth meeting of the 5th National People’s Congress adopted the "resolution to carry out national obligation to plant trees", Greening the motherland has become a statutory obligation of each age-age citizen.

In the past 40 years, the people of the whole country have actively participated, and the national obligation tree planting has achieved remarkable results. At the time of the winter planting tree, it is located in Xiaowang Village, Xiang County, Hebei Province, and a group of three or five people, the shovel, and the filming, the drum water is watered, and a tree seedlings are planted.

  With the continued in-depth of land greening, Jingxian encourages and advocates the broad masses of people through direct trees, recognition, volunteer services, etc., joining the obligation tree planting activities. In the past 40 years, the county has participated in 12.2 million people to participate in the voluntary tree planting, and more than 61 million trees are accumulated.

  Wang Chao, Xiaowang Village, Jingzhou Town, Jing County, Hebei Province: I have participated in the 12 years of voluntary planting trees, I feel that this activity is particularly meaningful, watching the small tree in which you plant it grows up every day, especially a sense of accomplishment.

  In the country, as of now, the national age-age citizen accumulates 17.5 billion people to participate in the voluntary tree, accumulating 78 billion plants, which is a major contribution to climate change, construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China. Zhang Wei, Director of the National Forestra Bureau Ecological Protection and Rehabilitation Division: Carrying out the dussion of the whole people, which has strongly promoted the growth of forest resources in my country, so that my country’s forest coverage increased by 12% of the early 1980s to%, forest accumulation Yili cubic meters increased to the billion cubic meters, making my country have become the largest growth in forest resources and the largest population. Improve the ecological awareness of the whole people to promote the significant improvement of the ecological environment and improve the ecological awareness of the whole people through the obligation to plant trees. The public participates in the tree planting, the enthusiasm of the construction of the beautiful home is unprecedented, and the urban and rural ecological environment will improve significantly. In Henan Zhoukou Sichuanhui District, hundreds of organ cadres and the masses are being plagued in Zhoukou Forest Park.

This obligation tree planting is about 120 mu, and the variety has a tree that is suitable for winter plants such as eucalyptus, Fatong, and Great leaves.

  It is located in the Yellow River, which is located in the Yellow River, which is located in the Yellow River.

In order to improve the urban ecological environment, Zhoukou City has been planted in large-scale tree planting in many years. Through the land greening, the old sand is turned into a natural ecological garden integrating ecological landscape, outdoor leisure, and educational science.

  Zhoukou City, Henan Province, the public Jiqinghui: Come to the forest park, seeing the environment is particularly good, air is particularly fresh, and the mood is natural.

  Not only the city, but also has a significant change in rural settings.

  In Jiangsu Xuzhou Tongshan District National Forest Country, Although it is winter, the trees are covered with trees, the lakeside, the apricot of the hillside, the passion in the mountains, still color, full of vitality, like a beautiful landscape painting. Tao Hongbo, Forestry Station, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province: In the obligation tree planting, we have moved from the initial pursuit of quick-friendly single varieties, and to focus on the quality of forestry, and now promote diversified economic tree species, increase farmers’ income.

Promote the township species and retain the hometown.

Promote colorful tree, play the beautiful countryside. Through continuous constant planted trees, the green coverage rate in the national urban construction area increased by% in the early 1980s to the current%, and the per capita park has a square meter of the 1980s to increase the square meter of the current in the early 1980s.

From the central to the local, from the city to the country, a row of green muffles, a piece of desert becomes an oasis, the garden street, the community village green landscaping day and the new moon, overall realization by yellow to green, from green to the United States.

  Determining the focus of the work, the healthy development of the national obligation to plant trees is the next step in the national obligation tree. The relevant person in charge of the State Forestra Bureau said it will determine the key points and promote the healthy development of national obligations. The first is the improvement system, revised the implementation of the State Council on the implementation of the national obligation to plant trees, and accelerate the legislation process of the national obligation tree.

Establishing a sound entry of the obligation tree, base construction, project management, and statistical assessment of 4 aspects of the four aspects of the assessment, strengthen the standardization of the standardization of the obligation to plant trees. Zhang Wei, Director of the National Forestra Bureau Ecological Protection and Rehabilitation Division: Building a comprehensive platform for the national obligation to plant a comprehensive platform, enriching the various forms of various responsible people now, and introduces a batch of obligational trees to plant trees, so that the masses are close to the responsibility, diverse. In order to facilitate the public better participation in the national compulsory tree, accelerate the construction of all kinds of obligation tree planting bases at all levels, vigorously promote the allocation of the afforestation greening, staining and care, confstising, donation, volunteer service, etc., promoting "cloud tree planting" "Code is responsible" new model, let "all year round, diverse, convenient" to become normal. In addition, strengthen the propagation of ecological knowledge, promote the concept of ecological civilization, improve the people’s love green, plant green, protect green, and green consciousness, and strive to create a full social support, participate in the strong atmosphere of the obligation tree.

The 9th National Press Go Championship was held in Shaoxing

The 9th National Press Go Championship was held in Shaoxing

Best Organization Awards All players and staff participating in this competition know that this session is a particularly difficult experience – the domestic repeated epidemic, so that many players who have originally arranged the itinerary, have to change temporary changes Plan; and successfully rushed to Shaoxing to participate in the competition, but also constantly accepting nucleic acid tests, and accepting closed management, wearing a mask … This is a group, the most concerned of the country’s current events, and thus you can’t hear them. Any complaints. Everyone knows that this game is running, so that this has continued the traditional tradition of nine years, it is already the greatest success. During the game, whether it is the original Chinese Chess Dean, Wang Weinan, or the President of Hangzhou Chess Association Zhang Yong, all the Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government held in the event, and the Shaoxing Bank Co., Ltd., and the title of the title. I know that these years have been doing the game, but it can be done well, but also have courage, responsibility, and considering the organization and epidemic prevention work.

  For the staff, this adherence to the might behind it, it is to continue this inheritor. One thing, continued to do it almost ten years, no matter what big events, it is quite proud.

  On the evening, the players began to say goodbye at the hotel, and they were treated with each other and watched again.

They are a group of people who know the truth of "World’s impermanence", but they are willing to believe that next year, after year, there will be new events waiting for them, and at that time, everything will return to normal, the game will also, Even better! .